Saturday, April 11, 2009

We LOVE being outside!

I love this pic of him, he is such a cheeseball and it shows!

Just hanging out in the backyard feeling the grass between our toes

We went to Poetzleinsdorf park last weekend and had a blast. We got to play on the playground see the baby animals (lambs and goats) and then we went on a hike. While hiking we smelled the wild baerlauch (related to garlic) and saw a bunch of older women picking it. It smelled SO yummy!
Poetzleinsdorf where we got to play on the playground and look at the baby lambs

Sliding down the slide

Having fun on the swing

Loving the sandbox, just need some tools!

On Thursday we met some other mums at the zoo. It was a beautiful day and the animals were out and about. Jameson is really noticing all animals lately. So it was a very fun experience. We will definitely be going back there since we have an annual pass. It was a bit difficult to get pictures since he isn't really walking yet. I got a couple of pics the whole day, and that was it. Waiting for the penguins to be fed

Jameson and Sophia had fun playing in the dirt and rocks when they got bored watching the penguins.

I never realize how BIG Jameson is until I see him standing next to a kid. Granted Sophia is little, but she is almost a month older than him! Jame-o stood about a head taller than her!

The very cool basket swing at a nearby park. Jameson loves it! He crawls all around in it and says: "'ga" which I have interpreted to mean "again." I seem to be on the right track, because then he says "ja ja ja ja ja (ya ya ya ya ya)." Everyday we have gone and played outside since the weather has been in the 70's. Love it!

His very serious face. At this moment he was humming to himself and he takes his singing very seriously!