Friday, August 21, 2009

The end of summer?!?!?

The end of summer is upon us, and I was not a good blogger. I would like to say it was because we were so busy having fun that I simply didn't have the time, but that wouldn't be entirely true. Yes, we had a blast, but my darling son goes to bed between 7 and 8 every night, so technically I had loads of time. However, I don't think I had the mental wherewithal. We went to Portland during the month of June where we took lots of pictures, and then when we arrived home we had a new nephew waiting for us so we took lots of pictures there. One of my best friends and Auntie to Jameson, Alison, came and visited us, and we took a few pics, but other than that the cameras have stayed on the shelves. Kevin leaves for Vienna in two days to begin a new program with a whole new group of ducklings. Jameson and I will be staying in Denver. I am torn about this, because I hate being left out of the start of a new program, this is only the 2nd group I haven't begun out of 11 programs, being pregnant with Jameson was the other, but I know this is the best choice for us. On top of all that, I am uber-jealous that Kevin will be eating schnitzel and drinking beer with Reiner and Martin in three or four short days! So, as our summer draws to a close here are a few highlights

Portland Trip 2009

Hanging out with my fam at Eagle Crest for a week. How many rounds of golf did Kevin play?

Jameson had so much fun with his cousins.

Ten Year High School Reunion
Friendship. I have been friends with these girls for nearly 20 years(give or take a year) and they are the best! Even though the 10 year reunion was a bust I am so glad I went. I wish I could be there for the birth of Katie and Heather's little boys ANY day now! Jameson is waiting.

The Caggle of Cavaliers
Being reunited with our puppies has been fun. Jameson and the dogs get along really well most of the time, except when he tries his hand at "disciplining them. He also likes to cuddle with them, and they are not fans.

Up the Mountain
Getting a chance to hang out up the mountain with our new nephew Soren, our darling nieces, Elia and Eden, Mom and Dad Archer and Scott and Erika. The cousins all get along so well, its so fun to watch.

Auntie Al's trip
Auntie Alison and Jameson cuddling on the couch. He loved her SO much he wouldn't go into her room when he woke up in the middle of the night!

Reconnecting with Old Friends and making new ones

I don't have a picture of his mom and dad, but recently we have reconnected with some old friends. Their little guy, Ethan is 8.5 months younger than Jameson. Here are the boys working on Jameson's motorcycle, I can almost imagine them in 16 years doing the same thing.

Jameson's new Motorcyle

The Sandboat
The first thing Jameson wants to do in the morning: "ootshide."

The patio
We can finally enjoy our outside space! And trust me, we do!

The Death of UTA
A massive hailstorm ripped through our area and took with it my car, UTA. Not literally, but the hail did damage her beyond her value, so they totaled her. She was a good car until the end, and I have lots of good memories from college and beyond so it was a sad day when they towed her away. Lucky us! Now we just have to find a new car.

Bring on the New School Year!