Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Jameson is all about helping whether its cleaning, folding laundry or gardening.

The boy loves dirt, he was covered from head to toe when he was finished. If you look closely at this pic you can see his tongue sticking out in concentration as he digs. I love it.

Where did the baby in him go?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day

Kevin, Jameson and I were really lucky on mother's day because Kev's mom was staying with us. I was lucky, because that meant I got to sleep in and Nana Carol watched, wait, chased after Jameson while Kevin made my favorite breakfast to bring to me. I got to wake up to my darling little man opening my door, and my adorable big man bringing me a tray of breakfast. Jameson wasn't exactly sure why I didn't get out of bed and apparently he was trying to make a break for it. He climbed up on the bed and put his arm around me for my whole breakfast. It made me ever so thankful that I have these incredible guys in my life. To be uber-cheesy, they complete me and I love 'em for it!

Later on we headed up to Longmont to have an early dinner with Scott, Erika, Elia, Eden and yet-to-be-baby # 3, Erika's mom, Momma Carol, and Grandpa Bailey. It was so much fun to see the cousins together again. Elia of course was wonderful with Jameson and he was in awe of everything she did. Eden wasn't too sure of another kid her size running around, and she sure wasn't happy about sharing her toys! (she's nearly 2, so of course this is perfectly normal!)

The best cousins picture I could manage

Grandpa Bailey (Kevin's grandpa) is very special to us and Grandpa loves Franklin Jefferson Jameson. Jameo thought Grandpa was so fun, and really loved sitting in his lap. I am so happy that Grandpa decided to come celebrate the day with us!

Auntie Erika (cute baby belly!!) and Jameson played trains for a long time, and when she walked to the other side of the room for something, he was following her handing her pieces of the track. It made me laugh. If you play with Jameson he remembers what it is you played with and that is your designated play thing, be it stuffed animals, books, or a ball.
Jameson got to have another birthday party since the fam missed his first birthday. He enjoyed hearing "Happy Birthday" this time around much more so than the last.

My little guy doesn't like to get his face and hands dirty when he eats.

He loved the chocolate and sprinkles!

Jameson even got to open presents! Nana and Papa got him an awesome slide that he has mastered and a lawnmower to push around after his daddy. Erika made him an awesome blanket that has quickly become his snuggle blanket when we come downstairs in the mornings.

His new slide

My daredevil prefers going face first!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Picture day

One of our last weekends in Europe we took a trip to Amsterdam with our student Siobhan. It was an incredibly beautiful city, I completely fell in love with the row houses on the canals. Everyone rode bikes everywhere, and those bikes had the coolest baby seats attached, I really wanted to buy one. It is a completely picturesque little city and I highly recommend it.

I bought Jameson some maracas to keep him occupied, and he sure loved them!

Our hotel was SO great. The hotel Estherea if anyone is interested. There was free coffee and hot chocolate around the clock, and it was awesome. Siobhan and I definitely indulged in that!

I love my boy!

These two photos we were just hanging out at the apartment.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back Stateside

I feel so out of touch. My computer stopped charging sometime in early to mid-April, and it was the longest time I have gone without home internet since my fam got AOL back in the early 90's! Luckily, I had an awesome student who would lug her computer over every few days and watch Jameson while I caught up with emails (and everyone else's blogs). I learned a really good lesson though, and it was how time sucking the computer is for me. I knew that in theory, but to get it proven to me so bluntly was an eye-opener. Needless to say it was a blessing in disguise as I got so much accomplished I was almost composed getting out the door the morning of our flight.
Jameson and I managed to make lemonade out of lemons.

I will be attempting to catch everyone up to speed over the course of the week, but I gotta post this or else it will take me another two weeks to write something else.