Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Today is Kevin's Birthday. Thirty-six years to be exact, but who's counting?

I don't think I take time enough to extol the virtues of the man I love. He is my soul-mate, my true love and before I knew him I would argue with people that these things did not exist. I felt that anyone could be happy in marriage if they just tried hard enough. Now that is not to say we don't "work" on our relationship, but it certainly makes it easier to want to do the work. Here is a list I have been compiling for awhile. Some are silly and sublime and some are serious, but each and every one makes me feel grateful beyond doubt that he is mine. I love you!! Happy Birthday!! Here's to a great year ahead of us.

1) He is my best friend and he can make me laugh like no one else on this Earth.

2) We never stop having fun together.

3) He cooks us dinner (nearly) every night. He loves cooking and he is a fantastic cook!

4) He cleans up the kitchen (nearly) every night.

5) He makes us breakfast (nearly) every morning (You see a theme here?)

6) He promised to be my heater at night years ago, but still lets me keep my ridiculously hot down comforter on the bed.

7) He works very hard to keep us taken care of so that I never ever worry.

8) He is really good at saying "sorry" (Me, not so much).

9) He surprises me with really amazing, thoughtful gifts (like Tim and Faith concert tickets and a new computer).

10) He sings our "good night" song to Jameson each night complete with funny voices and actions.

11) He often tells me how much he loves me and how much he appreciates what I do for him.

12) He puts up with me watching awful reality TV shows, although I am coming around to his way of thinking (Oh, Jon and Kate...).

13) We plan on traveling the world together. I would go anywhere with him because he makes me feel safe.

14) That we still "got it" (ie incredible chemistry that sends tingles down my spine.)

15) He loves his little dogs at least as much as I do and probably more.

16) He changed his mind about (not) having kids when we decided to get married because he wanted me to be the mother of his children (although I think the word he used was dynasty).

17) He is really good at playing with Jameson, cars, ball sports of any kind and...even tea parties complete with a "prost" (cheers!) which is Jameson's favorite part.

18) That he is a daydreamer like I am, but he is really good at making those dreams a reality.

19) He reads really LONG non-fiction books to keep his brain working and then tells me I would really enjoy such-and-such book. Which is true, but I don't have the mental energy to read such time-consuming books.

20) He is SO great with our finances and has taught me to be a better person with my money and spending habits. (I am a work-in-progress though).

21) He loves "romantic comedies" as much as I do, but would never admit it. If you don't believe me ask Alison who has watched movies with us and finds it just as charming. Hee hee.

22) He wants to live on a farm and be self-reliant too; which is only a problem when we realize we are slugs and farming is A LOT of work.

23) He does incredible things for me like driving an extra 1000 miles just so I can spend a night in Pasadena with my best friend for her 30th birthday party before heading to Oregon.

24) I love having "discussions" with him, it keeps me on my toes. I still learn a lot from him during these discussions.

25) Watching him evolve as a daddy has been one of the sexiest things I could ever imagine. (Yes, sexy...darn sexy!)

26) I know every story he is about to tell within a sentence or two and have probably heard them two or more times. I love his charisma.

27) We have the same ideas on raising kids.

28) With a look we know what the other one is thinking.

29) We can be doing nothing or something really exciting and we still enjoy each others company.

30) We usually have one fight a year, and ooh its a doozy, but we make up and it is like nothing happened the next morning.

31) There are still things I don't know about him and every once in a while I am surprised by a new fact about my incredible husband.

32) He has the absolute best laugh of anyone I have ever known. EVER. If I am upstairs or across the room at a party I can hear him laughing and it never fails to make me smile.

33) I love his generous spirit. He is a giver, even if he knows it won't be reciprocated. He can't help it, he likes to keep people happy.

34) He is so handsome in that Danish viking way, a heritage he is very proud to call his own.

35) Getting a hug from him is the most wonderful feeling in the world: safe, secure, happy, in love, warm, and tingly all at once. Nothing like my barrel-chested husband wrapping his arms around me!

36) He is constantly striving to be a better man, to have a more positive outlook, to love our family, to listen more carefully and to pick his words consciously. I couldn't imagine my life without him in it. I appreciate how much effort he puts into making and keeping us happy. I know its not always easy, but he makes it look simple.

Happy Birthday Kev!! We love you!!!