Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to blogging

Yes, I've taken a long (much longer than anticipated) break from blogging. However, there is a lot to update, so I suppose now is as good as any day to start.

Was an exciting month for our family. We had lots of visitors, I turned 30, Jameson was very excited about Christmas (and still asks when it is happening again), and we announced that we were pregnant with our second child.

In early December my mom and sister came out to visit

Jameson was very excited for Christmas this year

He couldn't even stand still

I turned the big 3-0!

...and got to celebrate with my lovely ladies!

Christmas Morning

Auntie Alison came to visit for New Years

Was a very chill (weather-wise, and event-wise) month, as it usually is following the holiday craze. We stayed inside and had lots of play dates because it was so cold outside! Jameson and I did get some relief from the cold when we took a trip to San Diego for the PLNU study abroad fair. We got to see my brother, Tim, and his girlfriend, Cristy and we stayed with our friend's LeAnn and Zach. It was a lot of fun! We also found out we were going to be blessed with our 2nd boy, which is what Jameson was saying all along. When we got back Auntie Alison was here for a first interview at a school in Denver.

Jameson and Shayna playing in the snow

Grace and Jameson playing with the doctor kit

Playing at a playground by LeAnn and Zach's home

After Jameson's hospital stay (in November) we decided we needed a family vacation. We decided that Disney World would be a great place to take our "Celebrate Life" trip (both his life and our pregnancy). We absolutely loved it, even though the weather wasn't terribly cooperative. We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was such a fun place to stay, waking up to animals outside our hotel room was very exciting!

Our seasoned travelers

Like the sign says...

Animal Kingdom

The Teacups

Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride was so fun!

We love Disney World!

Baby belly
Jameson had his golden birthday by turning 3 on March 3. In my opinion it was a REALLY golden birthday because he turned 3 on 3/3. :-) Like Christmas he was very excited for his birthday and for the first time really understood what it meant.

The table that greeted him when he woke up

Helping to make his birthday breakfast: Pancakes

Already becoming quite the chef!

Jameson got a bike for his birthday

and a child's table and chair set

Birthday pic with Daddy (aka Kev, which is what Jameson calls him!)

Was another easy-going month. We began to plant our garden and make summer plans. We found a wonderful midwife who would deliver our little boy, and began planning our homebirth. We found our weekly breakfast place called Snooze's (thanks to Beth and Julio). Took a trip to the zoo with cousins and had lots of fun.

Grace and Jameson posing in front of Jamie's tulips

Jameson and me at the Zoo

The angry peacock, but look at his cool tail feathers!

Riding the carousel with Eden

Getting bigger!

For me the most memorable event in May was Jameson got a hair cut. A VERY short haircut and he wasn't happy about it. It has kept him much cooler this summer but he keeps telling me he "wants his crazy hair back." We also had a rockin' pizza/dance party with our buddies. We found out Alison (my bestie, aka Auntie Alison to Jameson) was going to be moving to Denver and got her dream job at an awesome charter school as the new "Literacy Specialist." Yay, Alison!!!

THE haircut

Bridget chopping pineapple for pizza night

Landon rolling out his dough

The crazy dance party

Julio teaching Zach some moves

Due date month is here, although not until the end of the month! Kevin finished up his quarter at DU, then it was just getting ready for baby boy who was still unnamed. We took Jameson to his first baseball game which he loved and "our rockies" (Jameson's name for them) won. Yay!!! I began getting chiropractic work and in week 39 I started acupuncture to bring this baby boy out! I REALLY didn't want another 11 pound baby, the recovery was a long one with Jameson. Our goal was 9.5 pounds. My mom arrived June 19th to help out with Jameson in the hopes that this baby would arrive by July 4th when she had to head back to Portland!


Ready to have a baby any time. (June 15th)

We got our wish and Tobin Joseph arrived a day after his due date, weighing in at 9 lbs 7 oz and 20.5 inches long. The birth was incredible and couldn't have gone better!

Proud Daddy Kev holding Tobin

Jameson meeting Tobin for the first time

Jameson wanted me to hold Tobin immediately, I had to ask my oldest boy for a hug!

Not too sure what he thinks about the loud, bright world (sorry its blurry,we didn't use a flash)

A month on and Tobin is a wonderful baby. He sleeps well, eats well and doesn't cry much. Although, he has learned that if he wants something he better be loud, we joke he goes from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. Kevin's birthday is the 31st so we are excited to celebrate him in a few days. Jameson has adjusted to being a big brother and tells everyone he sees that he has a baby brother named baby Tobin. It's been a fun transition, although I will admit to being more tired than I imagined! I am lucky Kevin is a great cook, and I don't have to worry about having meals on the table since he does it. My neighborhood friends have been so helpful, taking Jameson when he, or I, need a break from each other or just a change of pace! Since Kevin is on summer break, that has been great, since he has been around so much! Hopefully, now that everyone is updated I can be better about blogging. Whew! Now, I'm really tired!