Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall-ing behind

The Autumn has been busy for all of us. Kevin was in Vienna for three weeks starting the program. Two days after he got home Jameson and I headed to San Diego for a few days to attend a study abroad fair at Point Loma. Jameson was a trooper. He had so much fun speaking in classes, and convincing students to study abroad in Vienna. At the end of the day he was wiped, when we went up to the lounge outside the caf to charge my phone Jameson sat on the sofa in front of CNN and the next time I turned around he was out cold. Apparently if the couches are comfortable enough for exhausted college kids, they are comfy enough for my 18-month-old.

We stayed with my brother, Tim and finally got to meet Cristy, his beautiful girlfriend. I am so glad I got to meet her after hearing such wonderful things about her. It was a short trip, but so nice to see some old friends, eat Santana's and show Jameson the ocean (he wasn't sure about it!).

After coming home we had a quiet week, and then headed to Oklahoma City to visit Nana and Poppa Archer. While there we also visited SNU for their study abroad fair. Jameson had SO much fun with his Nana and Poppa. He would wake up early knocking on their door. They even took him the zoo. The stories they told when they came home were so fun to hear. I was excited that they got to hang out for five days, and I know Jameson just soaked up the attention. He certainly didn't seem to miss Mom and Dad!

We were home for a few days and Kevin left to Vienna for a ten-day trip to take our students to Budapest and Sarajevo. Jameson definitely misses his daddy when he is gone. The first few days he always comes down the stairs around 9pm to look for Kevin. This time it was a bit of a rough transition since he had the addition of 8 teeth coming in all at once, and since Kevin was on the road our communication has been limited. Luckily Kevin will be home on Sunday, and we are GREATLY looking forward to his arrival! It has helped the time go fast since my friend Bethany got stranded in Denver (conveniently!). I am glad that we were able to help her out, and Jameson thought she was a great ball player. This is his mark for a good friend, how well can they throw or kick the ball and for how long. Ha ha. Even if you aren't athletic (uh-hem, like me) his charm will have you throwing or kicking the ball for hours. I have seen great improvement in my skills. I think I am ready to hit the co-ed softball leagues next year.

Today Jameson had his 18-month appointment, yes he is 19-months, but the doc is busy with swine flu. He is 35+ inches tall in the 96% and weighs 25.7 lbs for the 40%. He is tall and skinny, like his dad was as a child. If only I could keep those pants up around his waist! He is very active and as I have mentioned loves sports. He kicks, throws, and runs constantly. He has a gardening glove that he hands people to be goalie or catch the baseballs. It makes me laugh, but he is very determined that if you play with him you must wear the glove. I tell people if you want to be his friend play ball with him. He is very independent, and doesn't mind at all me leaving him in the childcare center at the gym, and he has already managed to charm the ladies there.

He is very helpful, every morning he helps me grind coffee beans, and fix my latte. He likes to sweep the floors and If I run the faucet for dishes he pushes a chair over to "help." I have decided to encourage this behavior even if it makes the task longer.

...And Kevin thinks I load the dishwasher poorly!

He is a watchdog over the dogs, and he always lets me know if Lexi is chewing some scrap of paper, Leopold is barking at the cars or Lulu is whining for food. He loves to corral the dogs into their pen and give them their treats. When we leave, he makes sure to wave to them and make kissy faces, telling them to "shhhh." Watching my child imitate me and my actions is eye-opening and very comical. Apparently I "grrrrrr" a lot, especially at the dogs or if Jameson is doing something I don't appreciate (read, dumping the dog dish or throwing his toys down the stairs!) Jameson "grrrrrs" a lot too, especially when I catch him doing something he knows he isn't supposed to do. He takes care of the "disciplining" by have a pre-"grrrrrr" for me. I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

He loves his "doddies" (not to be confused with Daddy) and calls them each by their name now "Wuwu," "Wex," and "Wee-poh." He is thrilled when they listen to him and he mercilessly bribes them with treats to do his bidding. Its no wonder Lulu and Lexi have gained weight. He has favorites on different days and he makes sure they all know who is his favorite of the day. He claps for them, "whistles" and pats them when they are good and says "no no no" and "grrrrrr" when they are bad. I am impressed that the dogs are so gentle with him, apparently the bribes are working.

We had our first snow last weekend and it was COLD! A mere 18 degrees during the morning hours. Jameson is a child that cannot be kept indoors for long, so we bundled up and took his soccer ball outside to play. Luckily my sister had handed me down a really good snow jacket, and it fit perfectly! I think we managed to be outside for a little over thirty minutes both Saturday and Sunday before his hands turned so bright red that I was worried they would fall off. He was not happy about coming inside and threw a lovely tantrum to let me know. I have to say, he slept well for his naps!

Speaking of tantrums, I can tell Jameson is becoming two. With all the bad reputation that being two has, I must admit I do love the age. Its an age of passion, discovery and curiosity. Jameson has a strong, but sweet will, I am looking forward to see how this will serve him during these "terrible" times.