Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Three Months

Tobin is 3 months old today. Wow! How time flies. We had a really great summer full of transition, relaxation, friends and family that has now turned into Autumn which is also planned to the hilt.

Early August we made a trip to Vegas to meet Alison who has relocated to Denver for her dream job. We decided to turn it into a mini-vacation and hang out for a couple days before she arrived. We saw my Aunt Chrissy and got to meet up for dinner with a friend of Kev's. We caravan-ed back and realized she has the "road trip driving" attention span of a 5 week old. Tobin needed to stop every 2-3 hours and so did "Auntie Alison."Jameson ready for the pool!

Hanging out with Aunt Chrissy

Alison, Jameson and Kevin waiting for the Bellagio fountain show to begin

Waiting for the fountains

Kevin went to Vienna for two weeks, so I loaded up Jameson and Tobin and headed to Portland. We had so much fun hanging with Omi, Papa Joe and Uncle Andrew. We saw lots of friends, introduced Tobin to everyone including the fam in Seattle and I chopped about 14 inches of hair off. Jameson is still asking when we can go back!
It's always the best to hang out with long-time friends. Just thinking about how long I've known these girls makes me feel 30!

Game day in the Shawcroft household

Jameson and Indiana (my friend Amber's little girl) completely hit it off.

Jameson thought Uncle Andrew was hysterical and can everyone see why I sometimes call Jameson "Andrew?"

The hair pre-chop

The hair post-chop, yes for Locks of Love.

My friend Kelsey's little guy, Tyler. Jameson and Tyler were due a week apart and we have had pictures of them as they have grown from babies to little boys!

And now we have new ones to compare, although Isaac is about 7 months older than Tobin.

And now the Seattle Pics:
Tobin hanging out with Aunt Helen

Lisa, Lisa Lisa...ALWAYS fun times with Lisa around!

The pick-up baseball game Jameson had the boys playing.

Christina teaching Jameson the art of Whipped Cream.
Making the whipped cream is a tradition in the Shawcroft household and the beater has now been passed on to a new generation.

Uncle Bob, Tobin, Dad, Aunt Helen

Checking out Christina and Eric's new house!

Looks like Papa Joe and Tobin needed a quick snooze on the couch.

Riding the Ferry to Uncle Ken and Aunt Tanya's place. Jameson thought it was SO cool!

Me and my big 3.5 year old!

Kevin and I got back on the same day. He started school two days later and Wednesday evening we had the Korbel "gala dinner" and the guest speaker was the secretary general of the UN. It was pretty surreal to then see him on TV the next day!
Getting all spiffed up for the dinner was a lot of fun!

Kevin and Jameson went to a football game, the first for Jameson. We thought he would last until half-time. Nope, he was going to stay the whole game to see the Broncos win. When I asked him what his favorite part of the game was, he answered "Winning."

We had a nice 10 day break at home then it was off to San Diego for the study abroad fair at Point Loma
and to visit Tim (read: invade his oh-so-awesome downtown apartment!) Cristy, and all sorts of friends. We even attended a ten-year reunion with half my group who studied abroad in Vienna, the fall of 2001.
Jameson loved spending time with Uncle Tim and Cristy!

Jameson with the mother of all fish sticks!

Tim, thanks for reminding us to take a family pic!

These boys loved Cristy...and that BIG TV as Jameson has mentioned EVERY DAY!

Tim had to get in on the cuddle action!

Just for fun another comparison shot of the two boys at roughly the same age.
Tobin at 3 months old

Jameson at 3 months old

I think they are brothers! and apparently both like watching sports on television!

Next Adventure: Oklahoma! to visit Nana, Papa Emory and great-grandparents Archer.