Friday, June 19, 2009

On the Road with Kevin, Aimee and Jameson

We got on the road around 10 am on June 6th. We knew we didn't have far to go as we wanted to stop in Vail for lunch. Unfortunately, when we arrived in Vail there was some sort of biking/kayaking competition going on, so we continued our trip and decided to lunch in Glenwood Springs. We found a darling deli that had one of the best reuben sandwiches I have ever eaten!

I wish I had a better picture of Jameson's "set-up" but trust me, he was one happy kid. Endless Backyardigans and Little Einsteins, the one problem with the DVD mount was when Jameson got bored he tried to rest his feet on it. Needless to say, it wasn't built to have a little kid kicking it around, so the DVD player ended up sitting on the console anyway.

We stopped for the night in Provo, UT, since we had already booked reservations it was no biggie, but in hind-sight we could have made it all the way to Twin Falls. Which is where we stopped on Sunday to visit our friends David and Lisa Heida. They graciously hosted us at their beautiful home, showed us Shoshone Falls and then cooked an amazing dinner. David can mix a very good drink and Jameson loved Lisa! She brought out all her toys she uses as a speech therapist, and Jameson was so happy to play. Good times were had by the Archer clan! It was great for Kevin and David to catch up over the past few years and reminisce a bit about the "old days." They even offered to host the Archer clan + our three cavaliers on our way back. Ha ha, we told them they didn't know what they were getting into, but their Basset hounds, Abby and Beau would make Leopold, Lulu and Lexi feel very welcome we are certain! Thanks again guys for such a fun day!
Jameson's set-up

The Shoshone Falls, the Niagara of the West.

Our amazing hosts: David, Lisa and their Bassets Abby and Beau

On Monday we headed towards Kennewick, WA to visit my sister, Tracy, BIL, Jeff and our two nephews Zach and Jake, who were really excited to see "baby" Jameson.

Jameson fell in love with their cat Macy

...and their dog Emma, the toys, the balls

...and their awesome backyard

They had a big waterslide that Jake slid down

and Zach slid down

Jameson felt it was a good time to mow the lawn.

I convinced him to give it a try

He tried

Then went back to mowing the lawn in his speedo, which reminds me of Kevin's back tenant from San Diego who also used to garden in a speedo. Hee hee.

The boy cousins: Jameson, Zach and Jake


Joleen said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I'll have to remember Shoshone Falls next time we plan a trip. SO gorgeous! You don't see anything remotely like that out here.

Jennifer said...

How very adventurous! I always worry about how Ellen will handle long car rides. It sounds like Jameson is a trooper!

Alison said...

the boys all together are SO funny! Poor Jameo is going to live to regret that speedo :) Love you guys...can't wait to see you!