Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dandelion Wishes

"I wish, I wish..."

Jameson calls dandelions "Wishing Fow-ers" and he picks them (and wishes on them) where ever we go. I am sure our neighbors love us! He is two in all its glory, (2 years 3 months today!) and most of the time I love it, however, other times (like today) are intense. I fully admit 2 is one of my favorite toddler years, am I on my own with that one? I love that he is talking more, his personality is emerging, but he is still my baby. When I ask him if he is a big boy, he says no, and then gives me a big cuddle. However, the flipside of that answer is that he doesn't want to wear "big kid undies" and prefers his "dia-der." We are working on being "potty trained" by the end of the summer. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Me and my little guy, what a cutie!

Apparently, I have been absent from the blogging world for some time now, as Kevin told me this morning my last post was February 07th. He has been telling me I need to blog for a few months. So, I gotta start somewhere, yeah? My excuse is that when we got back from Vienna I had a list of tasks and goals I wanted to get accomplished and the computer is one big distraction for me, also it just wasn't satisfying my need for "me time." Jameson also is obsessed with the computer, particularly the "photo booth" application which he calls "CHEEEEEEESE." Anytime I get out my computer he runs up to me and requests to "CHEEEEEEESE." So, I no longer get out the computer when he is around, unless I am distracting him with it.

One of his very own photobooth creations

We have had lots of fun over these past few months. Most of it has just been hanging out at the house, library or park, but we really enjoy that slow pace. We visited my family and lots of friends in Portland while Kevin took a trip back to Vienna. Kevin taught another quarter at the University of Denver, and it was a crazy one! We are very happy that summer has officially arrived. We planted our veggie garden full of lots of things we haven't attempted to grow before, so we shall see what works and what doesn't. The winter was long, both here and in Vienna, but FINALLY it seems like summer weather is here to stay. Jameson could stay outside from sun up to sundown, so we have been out and about a lot.

"Ow-siiide?" is a refrain I hear all day long.

"Jameson language" is finally beginning to take shape and we understand a lot of what he says. He calls himself "JJs" so I have begun calling him that too and he calls Kevin "Daddiss." He has troubles with "K's, L's, R's and in true German fashion V's (think, "willage" or "wegetables"). He recognizes letters and numbers like I can't believe. He will scream out a number and I will inevitably find it on some billboard or road sign. He loves matching things, two of anything and he tells me "It match!" He still loves his dogs and has taken to telling them, "NO "back-ing" over and over again. He says "soh-weee" (sorry) a lot, and I am not sure he knows what it means. He has gotten great at saying "pease and t'you." Yesterday he surprised me and said "X'cuse me" to Lulu, after we got home from a store-run and I had told him to say "excuse me" when he bumped into someone. He is a sponge and a master imitator, it is nuts to watch how quickly he absorbs stuff.

Tuesdays are by far his favorite mornings because that is garbage day. He gets SO excited to see the "Fruck" and yes this causes me much embarrassment when he shouts out his glee over seeing the "Fruck." We work very hard on the "t-t-t" sound, but when the excitement overtakes him its back to being a "fruck" (at its best, you can imagine the worst). In typical boy fashion he loves everything that goes: Cars, Trains, Planes, Scooters, Motorcycles and Bikes. We got him a Radio Flyer tricycle this last weekend. He absolutely adores it. It's the last thing he says before he goes to bed and one of the first things when he awakes. He was having a hard time pedaling the first day, but I think he dreamed about it, because in the morning he could totally pedal! And I have to say that I love the dorky helmet I make him wear when he rides his trike!

If you can't tell I think my son is pretty darn precious. We have been having so much fun lately and I love it. I will get better at posting more regularly, but until then have a great week!


Jennifer said...

Great update! I'm behind on our blog too. Jamison is so cute!

Alison said...

I can't stand how cute he is!! Miss you guys! love you!

Sarah said...

Hahaha!! I love that he gets excited over "frucks." That will be a fun story for years to come! :)