Friday, May 15, 2009

Picture day

One of our last weekends in Europe we took a trip to Amsterdam with our student Siobhan. It was an incredibly beautiful city, I completely fell in love with the row houses on the canals. Everyone rode bikes everywhere, and those bikes had the coolest baby seats attached, I really wanted to buy one. It is a completely picturesque little city and I highly recommend it.

I bought Jameson some maracas to keep him occupied, and he sure loved them!

Our hotel was SO great. The hotel Estherea if anyone is interested. There was free coffee and hot chocolate around the clock, and it was awesome. Siobhan and I definitely indulged in that!

I love my boy!

These two photos we were just hanging out at the apartment.


Alison said...

1. I miss you!
2. You and Jameo look fantastic!
3. I adore the picture of Jameo 3rd from the bottome (I think in his sling) Super cute!
4. I love you!! Can't wait to see you!

365 said...

Yaay, blogs! I've been looking forward to them, checking multiple times a day.
FANTASTIC pictures, Aimee!! Love them. :-)
Do you have a computer yet?

Lauren said...

I LOVE that you bought him maracas. That is so cute. What a great mom you are!