Saturday, December 19, 2009

O Tannenbaum

Kevin suggested last week that we get a Christmas tree and I was really surprised, but excited, considering both of us can be a bit scrooge-y we must be missing our families. I even purchased a classic Christmas album from iTunes. I was about two seconds from getting the Amy Grant complete Christmas Collection. Oh, how I love Amy Grant's Christmas songs! Jameson has been dancing to those old classic voices, and I love having the songs playing in the background. Jameson is quite the gentleman when it comes to dancing. If I am sitting on the sofa watching him he comes over extends his hand for me to dance with him. I kneel down and he "slow dances" with me, swaying as only a man can. Love it. His favorite song to slow dance to is Silver Bells.

We got our Christmas tree on Tuesday and it sat on our coffee table since then. We did manage to take the netting off it, but we were quite lazy about decorating it. We finally put the lights up yesterday and after purchasing a couple strand of beads we added the ornaments today. Although I think we actually need garland, because the tree is so fat the beads get lost. I like our little Christmas tree. It is VERY round! It definitely looks rounder here then it did on the street corner! I have to admit it feels a lot more like Christmas around our place now, especially with the snow falling all day long! We have had our fair-share of hot chocolate (Jameo's favorite)and eggnog coffee (Kevin's and my favorite, especially sprinkled with nutmeg) today.

Only a half-smile for me today

Jameson definitely thinks it is very cool having this tree sitting on our table. This afternoon I walked into the family room and saw him "singing" to the lights on the tree. He was holding one in his hand, just singing away. It was too cute. Although I did remark to Kevin, this is the kind of stuff I did as a kid. I was such a space-y kid, always in my own world making up songs, and having conversations with non-existent characters just to hear the sound of my voice in many different accents.
Not very happy, probably because we told him a million times NOT to touch the Christmas tree!


Patti said...

You guys are usually Scrooge-y?? That surprises me!! Your tree is too cute, yay! :)

Alison said...

ahhh a fat Charlie Brown tree :)

Jennifer said...

Amy Grant Christmas is the best!! :)

Momma K said...

OK, where to start?! Yes, Dad & I can be rather Scrooge-y at this time of year too!! Why? Although we raised all of you to be independent...did we ever think that with 4 kids, they would be living in 4 different states, including a different continent..?! We miss the 3 of you desperately, but love the fact that you are building your own family traditions and memories.
Amy Grant is one of my Christmas time favorite CD's too..Tennessee Christmas being the 1st song. Also, "Emmanuel"..I vividly remember you and Jennifer Alder (and others) singing it in the Winter Concert ..the first time I heard that song and to this day, my mind's eye always sees that middle school concert that was supposed to be "politically correct". I will burn a copy and send it to you...Christmas music in January is also good.
Yes, you were a spacey kid, although your grandmother called you an "old soul" and frequently reminded us that you marched to a different drum beat, and that was A-OK. Luckily, we heeded her advice (most of the time). I think the best present Dad & I ever gave you were the mirror'd closet doors in your bedroom...not only could you play different characters, but you could watch them too! HaHa! At Old Orchard where French began in kindergarten, you could perfect a French accent that made Dad & I look around in the car to see if we had picked up another kid from school! Little did we know that this was the beginning of your love of international studies... I also love your fat little Tannenbaum, and your skinny little elf!! Love you, Momma & Daddy