Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back in Denver

Hanging out in the lounge before our flight left Vienna

Yes, we made it home....a week ago. Sorry its taken me so long to update, but I haven't been at the computer much. Jameson was a complete gem on the flight, he didn't cry once, that is not to say that he wasn't incredibly antsy though. He moves, he likes to move, he doesn't like to sit still. This meant that either Kevin or I were holding him, while he danced and wiggled all around. He did fall asleep and we got to sit at the bulkhead where there was a bassinet hooked into the wall. It was so nice to have it, it would have been even nicer if he had used it for more than two hours! He fell asleep almost immediately after take-off, and when we reached cruising altitude we hooked up the bassinet and put him in his little cocoon-like bed. Kevin and I got to eat our dinner at the same time (not something we have been able to accomplish with a baby on the airplane). Unfortunately, the three other babies (all girls) were not on the same sleeping schedule as Jame-o, so he woke up after a short nap, smiling and peeking out over the side of the bed. I WISH I had my camera in hand at that moment because it was SO very cute. The same thing happened a little bit later when he fell asleep again. He was asleep about an hour when the baby girls woke up and decided to be very talkative. At one point, Kevin looked at me and said, "girls are really loud!" I laughed, he has no idea how loud girls can be as they get older. Other than his massive case of the wiggles, I really cannot complain because he was really really good.

It was great to arrive home and sleep in our bed that night, and Jameson had his comfy bed. Jet lag has struck once again, and he wakes up at 11:30 and then 2:00ish and the first few days woke up at 4:30, wide awake and ready to play. I was pretty awake myself, so it wasn't a big deal, but the past few days its been tough and I have felt like a walking zombie. Jameson has been getting acquainted with the house and his dogs, and the dogs aren't quite sure what to do with a mobile Jameson.

He easily found the tupperware cupboard and wasted no time re-arranging it for me.

The girls (in background) were really hoping there was food in those containers.

It's never too early to perfect a kissing style. That's pretty much how he kisses us! It's quite an aggressive style!

I finally relented and trimmed his bangs. I didn't do a terrible job, but he didn't sit still for me either. So, no more hair in the eyes, although I must admit I liked the scraggly look!


Joleen said...

Welcome home! I'm glad you had such a good flight. Cute pictures! I enjoy them very much. :-)

Jennifer said...

Fun to see these cute pictures! I'm glad the plane ride went so well. Good luck getting Jameson all adjusted to the time.

Sarah said...

It is amazing how much you guys travel! Glad you're back in the states and the plane ride went smoothly. Love the pictures - Jameson is getting so big!! :)

Alison said...

HA HA - I think the tupperware is HILARIOUS! Come back to Vienna - I like that time difference better :) Miss you!