Friday, October 31, 2008

Jameson's new tricks

Over the past few days Jameson has developed some new tricks. He is finally doing some babbling! He began this babbling on the plane ride home from San Diego where he decided sleep was WAY overrated. It is a babbling mixture of "da," "rah," and "lah." Although the ladies I sat next to on the plane definitely agreed it was "Da-da" because they kept telling him to say "Momma." I just laughed, I am happy he is babbling, maybe he will work on his verbal development and quit working on new physical feats for awhile.

His other new trick makes me laugh so hard, which is probably why it has become a trick. He crinkles his nose and snorts. Omigosh, it is hilarious. He loves to make his momma laugh, because if I laugh he does it again and again and again. This particular video he is snorting while eating, which makes it look like he doesn't enjoy the food, but he was eating sweet potatoes, which happen to be his favorite, but the faces he makes are priceless.

We had a lovely time in San Diego (I seriously miss that city!) and we got to see lots of friends and hang out with my brother. By the way, Tim I want those pictures! Jameson was such a trooper, he enjoyed the study abroad fair at Point Loma and we got to introduce him to former professors and colleagues.
Let me just say that I love the Baby Bjorn travel bed. Out of all the travel cribs he has slept in, this is by far the best one ever.
I first found it in Vienna, and then ordered one when I arrived home. It is light, 10 lbs and it doesn't have a middle bar the mattress sits on the floor, its also incredibly easy to open and close. I can't recommend it enough. He even took a nap on caf lane amidst the hustle and bustle. I have been using it as a playpen during the day and during the evening I put it in our room next to the bed.

You ALL have permission to laugh at my weakness. Jameson was a brilliant sleeper until we moved to Vienna (time difference), have the crib in our bedroom (comfort), Kevin came back to Denver (transition), he got more social (just the age) growing (hungry at night) and while we are still waiting on teeth, I swear they are on their way (pain). Whether it is all coincidental, or I got wimpier, or like many of the books say 6-12m can be a trying time for sleep, because they are growing in leaps and bounds both mentally and physically. Either way, he has been waking up two times a night for the past couple months and fighting his crib preferring to sleep in my arms or cuddled up by us. It doesn't really bother me, which is probably why I haven't attempted to curb it so much. I am reading "The-No-Cry-Sleep-Solution" for some hints, but with us leaving for Vienna in another two weeks, I almost feel its pointless to implement anything yet. So, go ahead laugh, I can take it.

Our buddies Zach and LeAnn invited us to stay in their brand new condo downtown. We totally accepted that request (thanks guys!) The favorite toy in their house was a huge stack of DVDs. He made a beeline for it as soon as he was on the floor. Zach then began building a house of DVDs which Jameson seriously enjoyed knocking over. It kept him occupied for many hours!

For those who know me well, happen to know that I have a very favorite hoodie. I received it my senior year of high school when I decided to attend Pt. Loma for college. It is undeniably the most worn item in my closet, by a very high margin. I managed to wear it all through pregnancy (which was my goal). Though stained and ripped in some places it still holds a very special place, even though its life is threatened on a daily basis by burning by many people my husband and mom included. I am happy to say that I bought a new hoodie, it still has a number of washings to get comfy, but I am working on breaking it in. Jameson also got his first Loma shirt. I was a crusader, unfortunately they are now the Sea LIONS, as in a LION coming out of the sea, its pretty funny, oh and the lion's name is ROARY. Roary, the Sea LION. Jameson has proudly worn it a few times already. Although I can't say I would be happy if he decided to attend my crazy (but lovable) alma mater, I will dress him in appropriate gear, after all it has been [more than] 5 years since I graduated. (eeek!) Time flies!

The next two weeks are likely to be just as crazy as the last two weeks, so I apologize for the delay between postings. Help me get my kid to nap longer during the day and I will be happy to update more! Until the next post...


Alison said...

No more nasty sweatshirt? Sad...You two are ADORABLE in your Loma gear :) Glad you finally put up new pictures - I've been missing you guys SO much! PS - Jameson's new tricks made me giggle! My kids will love them! They've been asking for new pictures (I'd volunteer them to help for nap time - I had a kid fall asleep during History!)

Sarah said...

What great pictures and videos. i love Jameson's expressions! So funny!! I also loved how serious he sounded in his babble. Too cute!

Good luck with the sleep issues. I can't imagine traveling as much as you guys do and trying to keep a baby on some type of schedule! Is that book you're reading good? I would love to know if you discover some new tricks that I can use with Ellie later on.

Jennifer said...

I love his babbling and funny faces. What a cutie. I'm glad your traveling is going well. I don't know many kids who have to put up with as many schedule changes as he has had to go through in his short life!

Momma Kathy said...

Thanks for the pictures, Aimee!! Loved your new sweatshirt....just wondering where the old one might be??? Maybe we should cut it up and put it in a have learned to use that new sewing machine right? OK, maybe Carol could make a quilt out of it, since you didn't get any domestic skills from me!! Except for are a great cook!! Also, it is over 5 years since you graduated, May 2003 to Nov 2008, you are right, Time Flies!! Daddy & I are looking forward to seeing all 3 of you next week, and the granddogs too!! Love you, Momma

2nd grade in Japan said...

Dennis had a running commentary for what Jameson was saying - it was VERY you and Kevin :) They wanted to see the videos about 10 times - some of them hadn't seen the leaf pictures and were concerned that you let him eat leaves...he was compared to the snails we are learning about who eat rocks for calcium. I assured them he was not a leaf eater :) Anyway - the kids love Jameo and all say hi!