Sunday, October 5, 2008

It smells like Fall

This week was really a busy one! We went to our play-group for the second week, and met new moms and babies. It is so interesting to meet all the moms. Jameson followed one of the other little boys around, and he appears to be getting more comfortable. Last week, he was a bit shy. Friday night Kevin arrived for 36 hours. At first, Jameson didn't seem to believe his own eyes, he kept looking at him, and gave him a half-smile. It was late, so maybe he thought he was dreaming. Kevin held Jameson, and that was all Jameson needed, he was stoked! He got really giddy, laughing and giggling. He would look at Kevin and give the biggest grin. His eyes would follow him around the room where ever he went. They played on the floor, and Kevin got to realize how active Jameson is, and why I never manage to get anything done! Unfortunately for us, but lucky for the students, Kevin left early Sunday morning to take them to Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Mostar, and then round out the trip in Budapest. It will be a great time for the students. Kevin gets back late Friday night and then we all head back to the States for three weeks.

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day, so Jameson and I thought we would take advantage of it by walking down to the Summer Palace. There are some really beautiful grounds around the palace and its not just for tourists.

They make you walk up a REALLY big hill to enjoy the grass! (notice the sign!)

See how impressed he is with the palace?

He enjoyed people watching instead (No teeth yet!)

...And the sunshine on his face

We looked up at the cloudless sky, and he decided he needed my sunglasses

A lady even offered to take our picture, since I was doing it all on my own.

Then we went to play in the leaves!

He wasn't sure how he felt about them at first
After a few seconds the leaves were making him giggle

Good enough to, umm, taste? (No I didn't let him eat leaves).

After a few minutes he didn't know what else to do with the leaves

So we called it a day and headed home


Alison said...

Leaf eater...a whole new meaning for vegetarian! Looks like a fun day!

Hannah said...

What an absolutely gorgeous baby!! Two of my four kiddos are Andaluz babies, and Jesica was my midwife. She is awesome.

Vienna looks nice.