Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our little celebration

Since we were headed off to Germany on the 22nd, we wanted to have a special day where we opened presents with Jameson. I had a little plan for Kevin's present, so it had to be done before we left.
Kevin opening his present with Jameson's help

Yup, Jameson got a haircut, and that is what was in Kevin's present, since he had been asking when I was going to cut his hair for months!

He was having SO much fun with those blocks, he didn't want to open any other presents.

Our Christmas plant

I just wanted one picture with my boy, and he wanted to be down crawling, so I got a squishy hug and kiss instead.

This was the best picture I was going to get on Jameson's first Christmas.


Alison said...

Love both your hair dos :) Mr. Wiggly is getting so big!!

Aimee said...

Yes, well I am trying to get creative. Jameson loves pulling and holding onto my hair when its within his grasp.