Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sit still. Look cute!

Those were the instructions I gave Jameson. Ha ha ha. That is essentially what he told me. I got this completely corny Santa sleeper courtesy of H&M (can I say I love this place every time I mention the store?) Since this is Jameo's first Christmas and none of those "Baby's first Christmas" come in the large size my little beast needs, I figured this would do just fine. I wanted a cute picture I could add to the Christmas cards we are sending via snail mail; for Grandpa Bailey, Grandma and Grandpa Archer, Auntie, and a few other lucky ones. I had one idea and Jameson had another. He was very excited about playtime, and very unwilling to sit still. When I managed to have him sitting still he was holding very tight to a hairbrush. Not even a cute little stuffed animal, but a hairbrush. Have I mentioned he loves that hairbrush and carries it everywhere lately? I think we will have to have another photo-op, because these ones while they make me laugh, aren't exactly the look I was aiming to capture on film.

Sitting on our bed, one of his favorite places, with his hairbrush.
Unable to sit still

The little rascal was having such fun crawling away from me and the camera

Scene Change. He takes his job as Santa very seriously as he attempts to move the box of Christmas presents.

"Hey Uncle Jeff! Look at my 'leg pop!' Broadway, here I come!!"


Alison said...

AHHHHH, he's SO funny :) Momma's so mean making him take "cute" pictures...

Joleen said...

Uh-door-ah-bull!! Soo cute. I don't know why you think those pictures aren't suitable to send out. I especially like the third one. Babies are supposed to be cute and adorable, not "perfect"! But that's just my opinion.
Oh, by the way I love your new blogger background. Very festive.

Kelsey Paulus said...

So CUTE! I have attempted a couple times to get the boys to cooperate for a christmas card photo....I think the 'out-takes' are the best. It shows their personality!! Make a collage of them all and send that as a card!