Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We've gone cloth!

It is something I have been mulling over for awhile, and did a lot of research along the way. I finally made the jump, and I am pretty excited, actually, ridiculously so. So far, its been interesting, and it will be made even more interesting since our whole apartment house shares one washer/dryer unit. Is there anyone else who uses cloth diapers who can give me some hints? I found out my boy is a "heavy wetter." Yeah, he can drench a diaper. I suppose that's good, it means he is hydrated, right? I love his fat bottom waddle in the cloth diaper, its so cute.


Kelsey Paulus said...

We went cloth with Noah when he was first born, but it was too hard to do with a newborn. I too have been thinking about going cloth now with Ty. What brand are you using? How often do you change him?? Give me the skinny!! Glad to hear you had a good Christmas.

Aimee said...

Ha ha, all of the "skinny" is still in the works. The brand I use is a brand from Austria called Popolini, but my parameters were pretty much this: I wanted the diapers to be cotton (preferably organic). I did end up buying 10 of my #1 and 10 of a skinnier, but more absorbent non-organic terry cloth. I also have two wool soakers (diaper covers) that are half the price here in Wien. So far, I am thrilled with the results, but like I said he is a heavy wetter, so we have gone through more diapers than anticipated and without a washer I am being a bit stingy with how many times I change him, between 5-7 times/day. I have 20 diapers (one size, 8-35lbs). They came with an extra booster (a must with boys). The poop ones haven't been bad, and with the liner you put in, clean up is easy b/c you just flush it down the toilet. I say go for it. There are awesome brands out there. I have heard that green mountain diapers is helpful as is sunshine diapers (websites, not sure what the address is). Still working on posting, but blogger doesn't seem to want to allow me to post pics!

Alison said...

Oh my organic brave advice of course - just a comment on how adorable Jameo is! That and of course he's a heavy wetter, why bother doing something if you can't excel at it?! :)