Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kids Café

I have been wanting to go to the Kids Café since I heard about it a few months ago, but Jameson just wasn't moving around a ton. When we visited friend's houses he would sit there and observe. Lately, though, he has been moving around a lot more (climbing) and much more social with babies his age. I decided today was the day to drag my boys to the Kids Café. Jameson's nap schedule worked out well because he slept early.

When we arrived I had to take a moment to adjust to the multitudes of squealing children. We found a table and the high chairs were located within easy reach. The menu left a little to be desired, but we found two entrees for us (a proscuitto panini for Kevin and ceasar salad for me) and got Jameson one too: Orzo, Carrots, Peas, and Zuchinni. After a few uncertain bites he started enjoying it more. Kevin signed him up for the little play area and walked around while we waited for our entrees. The café had a nursing and baby area filled with beanbags and baby gyms.

After a little (literally) lunch, Kevin headed back home and Jame-O and I headed to the play area again. He wasn't shy at all, and was crawling all over. We went over to the ball pit and I slid him down the slide and he loved it. He was enjoying "splashing" in the balls. He would throw them and then chase them. A few other babies joined us and they were throwing the balls at each other. It was making the mums laugh. It was fun until we had some wild 4-year-olds diving into the ball pit and we took our cue to go to another area. We stuck around for a little bit, but nothing was as exciting for him as the ball pit. It became obvious as the the cafe grew more and more crowded that school was now out of session, I decided it was time to pack up. Overall, it was a fun successful outing one that we will most likely be repeating in the future, but I will only get a coffee instead of lunch. I have to admit though the sheer number of snot-noses around the play area was a little intimidating. Jameson hasn't had a cold yet, so if he gets one next week I will know why.


Alison said...

Leave it to the Europeans to make Chuck E Cheese the grown up way :) PS - build up his immune system now so that when he gets to school he's not one of this wimpy out all the time kids...grrrr!

Joleen said...

Yeah, that actually looks like a pretty cool place. I like the interior design. I wonder if there is anything (other than CEC) like that here in the US.

Um, Aimee, that website is in German! So much for trying to find out more about it. ;-)

Joleen said...

Scratch that last one. I got Google to translate it for me. They have play groups and workshops there. Do you think you'd have to time to join one of them? Sounds like it could be fun for Jameson.

Patti said...

I know, I know, "sleep when they sleep". I think I took advantage of that some, sleeping in when Emersyn went back down for her morning nap. But never an afternoon nap, I always want to get stuff done. I should savor this time though, next baby I won't have the luxury, as I will have another little one to care for!