Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some fun facts about Jameson

*He is an incredibly strong little boy.

*He understands English and German

*I have many nicknames for him that derive from the German word for boy which is Bübchen, including: Büb, Bübby, Boog, Booger, Boogie and Booger bear, but his official nickname is Jame-o pronounced Jay-mo.

*He loves water, he is constantly drinking water out of his sippy cup.

*He won't drink apple juice, but loves chamomile tea.

*His hair isn't nearly as red as it looks in pictures and everyone comments on this when they see him in person.

*He is really tall 31 inches but only weighs about 22 lbs.

*He loves to eat.

*He tends to do things on the three month mark. i.e. Rolled over on his 3-month, Crawled, Sat and stood up within a day or two of his 6-month, On his 9-month his first tooth popped through. I am thinking his 12-month will be walking. Although he has shown no interest in that whatsoever.

*His favorite food are peas (frozen or cooked) and spaghetti, pretty much in equal parts.

*He will eat anything on his tray, even if he doesn't like it. For example, because he can feed himself banana bits he will eat them and make faces the whole time. I am a mean mother and continue to put banana bits on his tray a) it makes me laugh b) bananas are good for him and c) he eats them, I don't force him.

*He has the ability to concentrate on a task for an absurdly long time if he wants.

*He loves "tools." Anything counts as a tool, including his utensils, a marker, a toy. He will hold said tool and try to move other things around or fit the items together.

*He has exactly two pacifiers which we call nookies since the brand is Nuk. One is red, one is blue. They almost always stay in his bed. He only uses it between the time I stop nursing him to read the story and bed. He almost always spits it out when I lay him down.

*When he is asleep, he still looks exactly like the newborn baby I brought home and it amazes me because when he is awake he doesn't look like that little guy at all.

*He is a jokester and he will do anything to make me and his daddy laugh or clap for him.

*He is a snuggler and always has been. He gives the best hugs. When he hugs, he wraps his arms completely around my neck.

*He has ridiculously large feet, and long toes. (size 5) He can blame this on me and my family.

*He has very sensitive skin and will break out in a rash if something irritates it.

*He rarely cries, but he tends to be a whiner. If he cries I know he is exhausted beyond belief, REALLY hurt or REALLY hungry.

*Teething has not been fun for him, but each tooth seems to be getting a bit easier.

*The only time he has been sick (so far) was an awful stomach flu that included puke.

*He is a persistent little boy

*Him and Kevin have a matching crease in their right earlobe.

*When he decides to do or get something he goes for it with everything he has, including throwing his body into it.

*His favorite TV show is Jack's Big Music Show. When he hears the "Noggin on Demand" song he starts bopping his head and smiles so big, I sometimes rewind it just so I can see it again.

*He is really expressive, he moves his eyebrows up and down and when he smiles its with his whole face.

*He has two cowlicks so his hair is always funny. I wonder on a regular basis, if I cut it short would the mohawk make a comeback?

*People always think he is older than he is and are surprised when I tell them his actual age.

*He loves spices and spicy food, including garlic, onions and cayenne pepper.

*His breakfast consists of a scrambled egg, some yogurt and cheerios or oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins.

*He wakes up around 7:15 and we watch the Backyardigans in German until breakfast time. He eats, plays a bit depending on how long it took him to eat and then he goes down for his first nap around 9:00.

*He is a major flirt.

*Downward Dog is his favorite yoga position, but I have a feeling this is less about yoga and more about looking at the world upside-down.

*He loves to see pictures or videos of himself on the camera so sometimes we take lots of random photo shoots just so he can look at the pics and laugh.

*His laughter is the best medicine.

*He likes to hide things under the pillows on our bed, because its where I hide my cell phone when we do our bedtime routine.

*Kevin and I narrate what he is thinking, just like we do for the dogs, and it provides us hours of entertainment.

*He is really sensitive

*I catch him clapping in his sleep, that's how much he likes clapping.

I cannot believe my baby is almost a full year old. Where did the time go? He is 11-months old today, and I know at this time last year I thought I wasn't going to be pregnant for more than another week or so. Those last few weeks of pregnancy went on forever, but it was well worth the wait. Happy February!


Jennifer said...

What a fun list--a great way to remember their little quirks!

Sarah said...

I absolutely love the list! And I love how many things you were able to put on it. It is obvious that you are a great mom and love your little man!

Alison said...

I laughed at so many of them - he's such a good mix of both of you :) XOXO

Brett & Patti said...

We totally narrate Emersyn's thoughts too, how funny! What a clever and sweet list. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. Jameson is a doll and his multi-cultural upbringing is fun to watch!

Lauren said...

So cute! I can't believe he likes chamomile tea and spicy food! :)

Joleen said...

Picturing him clapping in his sleep made me laugh. :-D I'd love to see a video of that.
Great idea to take the Facebook survey and do one for Jameson.

Aimee said...

That's the funny thing, I started compiling this list well before the facebook survey started going around.

Kelsey Paulus said...

Oh I love this! Such a great idea to capture the moment. I might use your great idea. Miss you and Jameson! And I remember a year ago-we were BOTH hoping to go into labor at EVERY second!!!