Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Talking on the Phone

When I see this photo I see a baby Kevin

I am still writing the 2nd half of our Croatia post, sorry I lost steam, but in the meantime here is a fun video. For whatever reason Jameson was in an incredibly talkative mood while on the phone last night with my mom, his Oma last night. I dont think she knows I got a video, so surprise Mom! She was on speaker, and you can just ignore my obnoxious voice at the end. I think he is learning how the phone "works." In any case I got a short video, and it makes me laugh when I see it. I see a recurring theme with my son, he makes me laugh, a lot.


Alison said...

He's almost got the hang of it!

Momma K said...

Scooter, You are so right, I didn't know you got a video!! Glad you didn't capture more of my obnoxious voice or heaven forbid my rendition of "itsy, bitsy spider"! Now, longer, longer videos! I can hardly wait to see Jameson this summer!

Lauren said...

So cute! Do you know about Skype?