Sunday, March 29, 2009

Precious Moments Installment 1

It hasn't been easy in the last week since Kevin went back home, but we are making do. However, don't ask me about the change in Jameson's sleep habits since his dad left. Especially during the more trying of times, I like to take a few minutes and think of the precious moments of the day. So here are some of my precious moments over the past few days.

Precious moment #1 Thursday evening we came home from our playgroup, ate dinner and I was putting him to bed, cuddling with him in my bed to help him fall asleep. He was nearly asleep when he got the hiccups. At first we ignored it, but after 5 minutes of HUGE hiccups I heard him giggle, which made me giggle, and that led to us both giggling after every hiccup. It took a while to settle down, but it was worth it, because even in that moment I thought to myself, "this is a moment I want to remember: getting the giggles with my 12-month-old."

Precious Moment #2 Jameson is very into putting stuff on. For example he wants to put socks and shoes on his feet or my feet. The past few days he has been picking up my sweaters and putting them on his shoulders and occasionally he even makes it over his head. He is very proud of himself when he does this. On Saturday, he was "helping" me fold laundry. He took a pair of my undies and quickly put them over his head. He was really happy that he could do it, and that he made me laugh, so he started dancing with my underwear hanging around his neck. Really, it doesn't get more precious then that.
Precious Moment #3 The boy loves climbing into stuff. He found a new place to climb into on Saturday, and I got a picture.

Precious Moment #4 He loves giving his stuffed animals hugs and kisses. Sorry the pic is blurry, he was moving side-to-side in a big bear hug. If only I had the setting on video!

Precious Moment #5 He is standing all by himself with a book in his hand. The only times he stands or takes a few steps by himself are when he has stuff in his hands. I hadn't gotten it on film, so here ya go, he stands. Kinda.

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Alison said...

he's like a precious moments figurine...but cuter and less cheesy :)