Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Six Weeks and counting

Jameo "hanging out" with his Daddy.

On Saturday Kevin left for Denver. The spring quarter began yesterday and he teaches, so he packed up and headed back home. This is by far the hardest part of the year for us, since adding a child it has gotten way harder. Kevin and I are lucky because we get the chance to spend all day with Jameson, unfortunately this has made parting that much more difficult. Jameson was asleep at 4:30 in the morning the day Kevin left, but as soon as he woke up he went looking for him, in bed, in his office, the family room, the bathroom and all day he continued his little searches peppering his crawling with "Da, Da-dee, Dada." It's pretty much all he says, and well, apparently his dad is REALLY cool, because he never ever says Momma, but Dada is what he says for everything. On top of Kevin leaving, he has three monster teeth coming in: two "eye" teeth on top and one "eye" tooth on the bottom so it hasn't helped his sleep at all, which in turn is making him a lot more upset during his waking hours.

Today when he decided napping was for the weak, he was looking at me saying (between making an elephant noise, don't ask me its new, and I found it utterly hilarious, but I couldn't laugh as I was trying to get him to go to sleep) he was saying to me: "Da, dada, da da da da da, da-dee." However, the inflection in his tone really said: "Dad wouldn't be making me sleep right now, Daddy would be playing with me. By the way, where is Dad? Haven't seen Daddy around in a few days. The dogs warned me of this, that you and Dad just disappear and they have no clue if you are ever coming back, I had begun to think those dogs were crazy, but now I am inclined to believe them. I better not fall asleep, what if you disappear too? Did I mention that Dad wouldn't make me take a nap?"

On Sunday we spoke on the phone to Kevin, and Jameson lit up. He was so excited, he totally recognized his voice and was just thrilled. Ever since then he picks up the phone ten times a day and says " 'i Da!" (hi dad) and then has a very funny "conversation" because he laughs a lot "Kevin style" throws his head back and chuckles. I have enjoyed watching my little boy have these conversations where he nods his head, laughs and talks a lot about "Da." Right before I took the video below, he was having the longest most engaging conversation, and it made me get the camera, I tried to get him to do it again to no avail. I did get a snippet of it though.

Enjoy the week. I am working on my Istanbul posts, overall, it was an AMAZING city. I loved it.


Alison said...

Poor Jameo going through Kevin withdrawl :( Maybe he'll know how to say Mama by the time you go to Denver!

365 said...

Aw, that's really sweet. It's great you have such a close family.
Glad to hear your trip went well. Your pictures are beautiful!

Lauren said...

So sorry :( That must stink.