Wednesday, June 4, 2008

He Rolled Over!

On his 3 month birthday (yesterday) I went in to his room to get him from his nap and he had rolled over! I was definitely more excited than he was, as he kept looking at me like, "OK momma just get me out of bed now, I am awake." Of course, we had to run downstairs and tell Kevin. It was a very exciting day. Today is not shaping up to be as exciting. He woke up crying at 5:30, ate and then slept in my arms (while I slept too) until 7:30 when he woke up crying again. He doesn't normally wake up crying, so I think this lends to my teething theory. He fussed and ate and he is now back in bed. Hopefully the rest of the day will be better.

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Alison said...

Auntie is so proud!