Monday, June 16, 2008

We're back!

I meant to post that we were taking a trip to South Carolina with the Archer side of the family, but being the typical procrastinator that I am, ran out of time. Also in typical "Aimee Fashion" forgot our camera. Last year, when we took our vacation to Hawaii I forgot the camera charger and it lasted all of two days, and this year I just flat forgot the camera. So, unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to post yet. We had a great time though, you'll just have to take my word on that, at least until I get pics from everyone.

Jameson was an absolute gem traveling, and there were two LONG days of travel. We left for the airport at 6:00 am, only to arrive and find out our flight was delayed for three hours while they waited for spare tires to be flown in. That turned our really long day into an obscenely long day! Luckily, Scott and Erika's flight was also delayed (for an hour) so we all met for breakfast. It was a lot of fun and helped the time pass much quicker. After we said goodbye and safe travels to them we headed up to the United lounge where we had some coffee and got to relax (and nurse) until heading to our gate. We had a connection in Charlotte that they re-scheduled us to take a later flight, which was good, because we might have had a difficult time making it. I am still getting used to traveling with a baby. I felt like an amateur traveler. Jameson fell asleep within 15 minutes of takeoff, which happens to be his favorite part of the flight. He kicks his legs and laughs, squealing with delight. I laughingly told Kevin this is what he did when I flew pregnant. I sat and watched his little feet kicking my belly anytime we flew. He slept until the captain announced (very loudly) that we were preparing for landing. Charlotte was HOT HOT HOT. We had a few hours there until our connection so we sat in the lounge and apparently they are trying to do their part for the environment because the air conditioning was pretty weak. By this time I was exhausted and not feeling great, and just wanting to arrive in Myrtle Beach. I was worried that Jameson would be jet lagged and it would affect his sleeping. He went to bed at 10:15 ET (8:15 MT) and slept until 7:30 am (his normal time) and immediately got back onto his schedule. He is awake for max. two hours and then he has to get a nap. By that evening he went to bed at 8:00 and never wavered from that schedule. The Southeast was in the middle of a heatwave when we arrived. It was 97 the first few days with lots of humidity, and I LOVED IT! Between Nana and Poppa and Auntie Erika and Uncle Scott, I got to sit by the pool and read when he was napping. I read two books ("The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch is a great read!) Kevin, Jameson and I only made it to the beach once, and once was enough for us all. A vacation is a very different thing with a 3-month-old. It was just exciting when Nana and Poppa would swoop Jameson away as soon as he woke up and nursed to let us sleep a little longer. The boys went deep sea fishing one day and golfing another while the girls (and Jameson) hung out and went to the pier.

Jameson's cousins' Elia and Eden absolutely love "baby" Jameson, even though Eden isn't even 12 months old, she decided he was just great. She would kiss him, and share her toys. Eden was very frustrated when Jameson wouldn't accept her toy offerings. Mostly they would just sit and stare and coo at each other, making each other laugh. Elia at 4.75 felt much older than the babies and got her fill of swimming and the beach, making friends everywhere she went.

I cannot believe how quickly the week flew by. We arrived home late last night after another very long day of travel. We had to check out by 10 am, we drove around and dawdled for hours and our flight home wasn't until 6:15 but didn't leave until 6:45. Again, Jameson slept the whole way home. We got home at 11:00 and I nursed him and put him to bed thinking he might wake up bright and early at around 5:00 or 5:30, but he surprised me and slept until 7:30, so he is back on his normal schedule again. Crazy kid. I couldn't ask for a better little traveler.

Unfortunately, Kevin's first Father's day got a little lost in all the travel. We did go to breakfast at an awesome hole in the wall called the "Biscuit Shack" where our meals were $2.75 each! How crazy is that? We haven't seen prices that cheap since finding the "Lumberjack Grill" our favorite breakfast place. For those living in SD, you should check it out, its on Ohio and University in Hillcrest.

Today we are going to apply for his passport. The funny thing about baby passports is that they are valid for 5 years. Jameson will look nothing like he does now in five years! I cannot believe we will be back in Austria in ten weeks. Kevin and I were talking about that yesterday, and never would I have thought way back in 2001 that I would STILL be going to Vienna 7 years later. My high school german class would find that humorous as well because I was one of the worst german speakers! Hopefully I will soon have some pictures to post. For now I will post a couple of Jameson sitting in Daddy's chair watching the U.S. Open and the Euro Cup. (Go Austria!)





Jennifer said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Love that hair!!

Alison said...

Glad the trip went well, I think he is a better traveler then I'm going to be :)

Sarah said...

Welcome home! It cracks me up that you loved the heat and humidity down here. Living on the Gulf of Mexico, we really get a lot of it and I definitely struggle with "loving" it. :) I guess it would help if I had a pool to lounge by daily. That sounds wonderful!

Tyson and Jen said...

Oh my gosh Aimee, I swear he gets cuter and cuter!!! I have bragged to friends about how darling your little one is! :)