Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hanging out in the Moutains

This past weekend we hung out with Scott, Erika, Elia and Eden (and Erika's mom was visiting too!) One of the things we love to do is go hiking in their "backyard." This was Jameson's first hike, he loved it. At first, he was facing out to see the big world, but he was getting sleepy so I turned him around and he fell asleep. I love it when he falls asleep on me.

Here we are getting ready for the hike, see the excitement?

Lexi loves to go butterfly "hunting," this is her favorite season.

"Stalking" her prey

Leopold comes in for the kill

They love the woods, believe it or not Lulu is on the hike also, but she is too "mature" to chase butterflies.

The awesome view from Scott and Erika's "backyard."

Scott and Eden were leading the pack

...but Jameson and I weren't too far behind (I know, I look thrilled!)

"Be prepared" the boy scout motto comes in handy, I have a burp rag in my pocket ready for anything.

Taking a breather on the trail (my legs were burning by the end!)

Ahh, there is the man behind the camera.

As we always do, we had a wonderfully relaxing time. We made some yummy dinners (salmon and chili) and I learned how to make yogurt and strawberry preserves from Erika. She is such an awesome cook/baker. I love learning all of her recipes, because they are always the best. This morning, I even attempted to make my own yogurt. I have yet to try it, but I am hoping its as good as hers. Unfortunately, after I was ready to incubate the mixture, I found out our oven temperature only goes down to 170 degrees, when I needed it to be down to 100. I had to pay close attention to keep the temp steady, but hopefully I was successful. We will find out tomorrow.

We brought the Wii to their place, and Scott and Kevin played "Tiger Woods Golf" and Elia joined them for the racing game. She did really well, and only got turned around a few times, and as Scott pointed out, "this is why 4-year olds don't have driver's licenses." I couldn't have said it better myself. Jameson love his cousins so much. He and Eden sit around and make faces at each other, and Elia always manages to get a belly laugh out of him. Eden is now walking and Jameson was really studying her, seemingly wondering, why she was mobile and he was not. Eden also taught him how to go "crazy" jumping in her jumperoo, and since being home Jameson has been flailing his arms and bouncing really hard, just like Eden. It has been making me laugh all day. As it always does, the days flew by much too quickly. Since our house is on the market though, I have a feeling we will be spending more time up there.

A great weekend was had by all.


Jennifer said...

I'm quite impressed you carried Jameson the whole time. I always hand Ellen off to Jeff when he's around.

And I love the burp rag in your pocket. Classic.

Alison said...

E's hair is super cute!