Friday, January 2, 2009


In the days preceding Christmas we took many trips to the Christkindlmarkts. One of my very favorite places to be. It is such a festive time, and the punsch is very yummy. My favorite hot drink though is just plain old hot chocolate, which is made with rich rich dark chocolate, milk and whip cream. No powder and water at these places!

Jameson was all bundled up, because even though the sky was perfectly blue, it was COLD!

The Rathaus (townhall) Christkindlmarkt is on Rathaus platz, and I think the Rathaus is my favorite building in Vienna.

Vienna Christkindlmarkt

Since it was only a few days to Christmas it was a very crowded day!

The top of the Burg Theater

The Parliment Building

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Alison said...

Looks like fun...the picture of Jameo reminds me of his Momma...something in his eyes - too cute!