Saturday, January 10, 2009

Germany Pics

Christmas Dinner with my cousins

Kevin and my cousin Monika at Christmas dinner

Jameson's new favorite snuggly toy, Gehard, the Racoon.

My cousin Lena and Jameson

Kevin, Me and Jameson on a walking tour of Worms

My cousin Oliver and me

At the castle of Alzey

The courtyard of the castle

The awesome houses in Alzey. Its an incredibly old town and some of these houses had dates on them from the 1500s

The tower on the hill that saved the town from American bombs

We climbed the tower, and don't let the sun fool you, it was flipping cold!

Jameson, Oliver and Me

We went out for dinner with my cousins Oliver and Olaf and friends Sebastian and Oliver. Pflamekuechen, very yummy.

Mainz Cathedral

City Center in Mainz

Christel, Oliver, Jameson and me

As Kevin says you can almost tell they are related

Monika and Christian


Alison said...

Aimee posted tourist pictures...slightly shocking :) Is Oliver the one that came to the wedding? PS you're looking fantastic!!

Joleen said...

Four men with a sippy cup! I'm hoping there is a sippy cup on the table because you have Jameson with you! ;-) lol