Saturday, January 31, 2009

He Climbs

Today Jameson climbed up on the sofa, and oh man, our lives are about to change, this I know. The problem is, he can get up, but how he tries to get down is a nosedive. I haven't let him actually take that nosedive, but I know he will one day soon when I turn my head for two seconds. He worked at it and worked at it, and finally made it! Yes, my nearly 11-month-old is climbing all over the furniture now. We are in for it!

Good night Moon, anyone?

Here is Jameson climbing onto the sofa. He just looks so dang proud of himself when he actually makes it up, I love it. Now, if only he could figure out how to get down!


Alison said...

He's getting his daily workout!

Jennifer said...

Wow-I can't believe that! What a big boy! Is he walking yet? Ellen is getting close, but not yet.