Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tarzan Baby

Quite possibly the funniest thing I have seen (heard, really) Jameson do is his Tarzan sqeal. He gets really excited, when he is on the floor under his gym-mini. I mostly hear these squeals of delight as I am making my morning latte. He is so happy in the morning that it makes me all kinds of happy. I have been trying to get it on camera for a few days now, but he gets camera shy, and just smiles at me. He is very sensitive too, I was making some funny faces at him and he screwed up his face in the saddest little look ever and started bawling. Not one of my proudest mommy moments, scaring the snot out of him. Does this happen to everyone, or just me? Apparently, he doesn't find me terribly amusing.

He has discovered himself in the mirror, and he gets one look at himself and starts laughing and smiling, even when he is in the middle of crying. Although, if he is crying, he doesn't really know whether to laugh or cry, so he does both until he makes a decision. It seems like everyday he finds something new and exciting. When he went barefoot the other day he found his feet incredibly interesting, and now he has been pulling them up to inspect every time I change his diaper.

One thing I can say for Jameson, he is never alone, especially if he is on the floor. One of the dogs is always next to him, protecting him, making sure he is happy, and letting me know if he is not. Lulu even tries to make him happy by kissing his face, although we have tried to nip that in the bud, and unless she knows I am not looking, she no longer kisses his face. The funniest thing that they do is check on him in his bedroom when he is sleeping. As he begins to stir and I can hear him on the baby monitor one of the dogs will run upstairs to his room, then come back down and make sure I know he is awake. For the most part they have realized that the baby monitor is Jameson, which surprised me, but they have connected that when he is crying (on the monitor) then he is crying up in his room.

Lexi and Jameson playing at the baby gym.


Perfecting his glare, I think he got that look from me.


Jennifer said...

Yes--Ellen often gets a worried look on her face when I think I'm just being silly. I love Jameson's glare!

Jennifer said...

I'm actually pretty impressed with how similar Jameson and Ellen's development have been. They are basically the same gestational age, so I guess that makes sense. Apparently it's just not as comfy in my belly as it is in yours :)

The Georges said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures; they are adorable. Even though the mother's day pics didn't turn out completely, they are still beautiful.
I love the glare too!

Alison said...

MORE - we want MORE pictures and videos and you and...ok you get the idea, I miss you!