Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scooter Jr.

As many know, my childhood nickname was "scooter." Still to this day, my mom calls me "scooter" or "scooterpie." Scooter became my nickname because well, I scooted. I scooted all around the crib, from one end to the other, from corner to corner. When Jameson began scooting around his crib, I chuckled (silently, so as not to wake him). I set Jameson down in the middle of the crib, and by the time I check on him he has moved up to the top of the crib, or the corner. When he was waking up in the middle of the night his head would be jammed up against the top of the crib. I thought to myself that, perhaps this is what is waking him up, because he wasn't nursing for very long, just long enough to fall asleep again. Last week I began scooting him back to the middle of the crib before I headed to bed. It worked! four days in a row he slept from 8:00pm-7:15am. We spent Memorial Day with Scott and Erika (Bro and Sis-in-law), Elia and Eden in the mountains, and because Jameson slept in bed with us he was up a couple times during the night, but easily went back to bed. I was a little worried that we would have a tougher night last night, but he slept through, and just woke up a little earlier than usual. Perhaps we have turned a corner, I am still holding my breath and sleeping pretty lightly, but at the same time, I can't believe how easy Jameson has been since he was born. He is happy, content and rarely cries. If he is fussy, I know its my fault, for staying out too long, overstimulating him or keeping him awake for too long. From the time he wakes up he sleeps every two hours. Sometimes those naps are 45min. but most of the time the naps are around two hours+. I don't know what I did while pregnant to get such an easygoing, happy baby, but I want to try and do it again next time.

We had a great time up the mountain with Scott and Erika. We had a beautifully grilled steak dinner with twice baked potatoes, and asparagus. With Erika's help I made lava cakes and we got to eat some yummy chocolate dessert. While I was preparing the dessert, Kevin fed Jameson a bottle for the very first time! I realize that I am a baby-hog, and I am lucky that I get to feed him all the time, but I was so happy that Kevin finally got a chance to give him a bottle. It was too cute, and of course, I had to get a picture! I hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend! Summer is almost here!!

Look at that concentration!

Kevin feeding Jameson a bottle for the first time

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Alison said...

They both look a little uncomfortable...but still adorable!!!