Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Bugaboo Revolution

For those who don't know what a Bugaboo is, let me explain, essentially, it is the Range Rover of strollers. I have never seen so many bugaboos as I have seen here in Vienna over the past few weeks. Although, I have yet to visit NYC, where I am sure they are just as numerous. These strollers are very pricey, around $1000, here in Vienna the price is approximately 750 euros, which is even more than $1000. Yesterday I was strolling along Mariehilferstrasse, which is a main drag here, lots of shopping, cafes, and a ton of people, and I began counting these bugaboos. They are pretty easy to spot, and I think I decided to stop at around 30. I know that new mothers receive "Kindergeld" (money for each baby produced)that puts our tax break to shame, but really, is it necessary to spend so much on a stroller? Mine works just fine, except for that beautiful rip that the airlines managed to create. All that to say, I don't get it. Another stroller note, last time I was at the airport I saw a women with this brand (another Range Rover Brand)called Phil & Ted's. She had the double one, which has two seats on top of each other. Like an upstairs/downstairs version of a stroller, so that you don't have the length of front and back or the width of a "double-wide." I thought that was a really great idea, one that I might like until I looked up the prices! The stroller has become a very important part of our daily life in Vienna, so I am fascinated by all the options out there. On the whole, I am very pleased with my non-bugaboo, but it makes me want to test drive one of the luxury strollers to see what all the hype is about!


Alison said...

the things you learn having kids :)

Lisa said...

Aimee we just got the Phil and Ted's Dash...oh my gosh love it...totally worth the 500.00 I researched and found 5% off and a free second seat on a website. If you guys are considering more children especially if Jameson would be between 1-3 when the 2nd one comes along...I highly recommend that stroller. Let me know if you want more is what all the hype is about though!!!