Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Happy Dance

I am officially 100% pre-baby weight, even on our totally inaccurate (but flattering) scale here in Vienna. I added 5 lbs and I am still pre-baby weight. Yippee. My pants are loose, and the only size I have left to fit into are my pre-baby pants. Unfortunately, I didn't bring any pre-baby pants, because I honest to goodness did not think I would ever fit into them again, and I was just fine with that. Something about giving birth that makes you re-think body size anyway. All the walking, and huffing and puffing up the hill and cartin' Jameson around, and constantly chasing after him are paying off, apparently. OK, enough about that.

Some pics that make me laugh. The back-story about the sweatband around his head. My mom was saying I was going to have to cut his hair (gasp!) at least trim his bangs she said. I said I would just put a headband on him, its totally trendy for guys here to wear headbands, but I was joking. Instead, I took one of my soft headbands and made a cool sweatband, and it keeps the hair out of his eyes, for the most part.

Look Ma, I can do push-ups!

I'm not all brawn though, I'm brain too!

See how fierce I am?

Just Teasing!

Jameson has become increasingly difficult to change. If you want to see a grown woman wrestle a 6-month-old (and lose) come hang out at my place around changing time. He can roll away quicker than it takes me to turn and get the new diaper ready to put on. He always looks so proud of himself too. I don't blame him, the boy likes his freedom.

He is obsessed with technology, is this normal? Computers, TVs, telephones, cell phones and remote controls. He even looks like he knows what he is doing at the computer.


Joleen said...

Yaay! Congratulations to losing the baby weight. :-)
He's reading German nonetheless!!
Well technology is a part of our lives now, he's just getting a head start. He'll end up in IT when he grows up! ;-)
Speaking of technology, if you have the Discovery channel you've got to check out the "NextWorld". It's great! Jameson might like it too.

Alison said...

BABY BUTT! (not yours, since you are amazing and pre-baby weight) Jameo is such a smarty pants...minus the pants! hee hee