Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Crazy Kid

So, I don't know if I should be encouraging or discouraging this behavior below. Suggestions would be helpful.

I stuck him in his crib to go grab a new diaper and his clothes for the day. I came back and this is what he had done. Yes, he is STANDING. Wobbly and wiggly but standing. That was this morning, he has been attempting this for a few days and finally succeeded in pulling himself up. NOW, he is pulling himself up on everything. My leg, the chair, the couch and obviously the crib. The problem is that he is so wobbly that he falls and I am afraid he will smack his head. Isn't he too young to be attempting this? I keep telling him to only attempt one task at a time, but apparently that is boring for him. On his to-do list this week are to perfect: Standing, sitting, crawling and sitting from standing (so as not to hurt himself, and that last one is what I want him to work on).

Is it even possible to discourage this??? Should I? On a funnier note. He has been pursing his lips and biting his bottom lip a lot (teeth, maybe?) It makes me laugh, so I got a picture.

Like I have said he loves his blocks, so here is a quick photo shoot.
Look at that concentration as he tries to stack his blocks.


Oh No! Foiled again.

Oh well better start again...

Bye Mom! A little privacy here to create my new tower.


Jennifer said...

I can't believe he has pulled himself up to standing! That is amazing! And I've been meaning to comment for a while that I can't believe he's crawling too! You certainly have a determined, active cutie on your hands! I don't know if you should/could discourage it, but it is amazing!

Alison said...

he's not crazy just an overachiever ADD child...oh wait, he's yours! love the pj's half done up!