Friday, September 5, 2008

A nursing gripe

I love nursing, I love that I feel more comfortable in Vienna nursing, because it is so much more "acceptable." However, I bought a couple of nursing shirts since we are out and about a lot more here then ever before, and I needed easy access to the food supply. Here is my gripe: WHY do nursing shirts double as maternity shirts??? I mean, I know I have some extra belly bulge, but I don't need to be reminded of it! I want a nice fitting top that doesn't make me look pregnant, but has nursing capability. I guess a nursing shirt, in my humble opinion, means I am no longer pregnant, hence the reason I am nursing, and if I were pregnant I wouldn't (necessarily) be nursing. Oh well, I love these tank tops that go under anything, I just wish they weren't so long and bulky in the belly. Go H&M Mama! Maybe I will understand in a few months if I am still nursing and pregnant. Ha ha ha, I am laughing at the thought, just to let you know.

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Alison said...

Since Kev is ready for baby number 2 :) Enjoy H&M for me!!