Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jet-laggin' babies are no fun

OK, actually they are hilarious until they get so exhausted and their little bodies won't shut down to let them sleep. Jameson was in bed at 7:15 pm and I was stoked. (I was even thinking that his new bedtime would be 7 and how rad that would be). Ha ha. At 9:45 he was up as if he had just had his afternoon nap. I finally got him down at 11:00 pm and then he was up at 1:00 until about 2:15. He woke up again around 5:00 and went back down. Seriously, this isn't going to help me get over jet-lag either! While he was awake he was completely hyper and delirious, and I just sit and laugh at him. I was taking some pictures and Jameson is absolutely fascinated by anything "tech," as in cell phones, computers, iPods, and now my camera has joined the ranks of the cool toys he wants but can't have. Since the dogs are no longer around he needs a new incentive to "crawl."

Also, can I just say I STILL love H&M? I am very jealous to everyone in the States that has one within a short drive, Denver hasn't been that lucky yet. My son who is a very tall little guy wears an 18 month sleeper from Carter's. However, apparently after the 9 month mark, its near impossible to get 100% cotton footies. Very frustrating. Well, being the snot that I am, and I have my reasons, I don't want to buy him 50% cotton 50% polyester, or even worse 100% polyester. He has sensitive skin! I was so happy to walk into H&M and find 100% cotton sleepers, yippee. Even better than that, when I grabbed the 12-18m sleeper and it was WAY too long. So I grabbed the 9-12 month. After getting home and trying it on, I found its STILL too big. That is a major plus for me, because Jameson grows so quickly. Apparently, my son is not a beast here in Vienna, he's just average. He actually wears the 6-9m size. I found the cutest little "football" onesie. It has Oesterreich on the back. I was trying to get a picture and he was going crazy chasing after the camera. I am posting the pictures because they make me laugh.

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Alison said...

SO stinkin cute! He's going to be all over the place so soon - crazy! Did the mean hard wood floor get his eye?