Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Portland Pics

The Shawcroft grandboys got to hang out a lot. Jake and Zach loved their "baby Jameson" and were happy to smother him with lots of kisses and hugs.

Think Jake is getting bored of my picture session? Jameson just wanted to be a "big boy!"

Tyler and Jameson playdate round 2: Cheesecake factory and the Nordstroms lounge for their lunch and diaper change.

They are becoming the best of buds

Jakey holding Jameo when we were up in Seattle

Tracy and I waking up with our baby boys in bed with us. Yay for snuggle time!

Oma Kathy and Jameo enjoyed the pleasant weather by taking a blanket out on the grass. Jameson loved the breeze.

Jameson and Ellen finally got to meet! They seemed to have a lot of fun, although Ellen was a little taken aback by how loud Jameson can be.

They weren't certain what to make of each other at first

After a few moments though the awkwardness had passed and they were friends

Its so great to be sharing such a special time with one of my oldest, bestest friends. Ellen was born on February 11th, Jameson's due date!

If you want to know how old I am (feel) here is Samantha. I started baby-sitting her when she was 2 and now she is a senior in high school!! Where does the time go?

Rosie-posie was born my Jr. year and she is the "baby" of my second family. She loved Jameson, and what a natural she is, I might have to call her up to babysit in a few years time!

Will was the first newborn baby I ever watched! He was my true learning experience in regards to babies, and what an experience I got since I watched his older brother and sister too. Jameson seems like a breeze compared to three kids, can't wait to add a few more kiddlets to the mix! I miss my Pflugs!!


Alison said...

Seeing all your kidlets makes me miss mine! I'm sad that Jameo's hair is starting to lay down - he's very Donald Trump :)

Joleen said...

Cute pictures AimeƩ!! I love Jameson's expression in the fourth picture up from the bottom. He looks very happy. And the one of you and your sister and the kids in bed is sweet too. :-)