Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Visiting Portland

Awwww! So nice to be back home in Portland. I wish Kevin was here with me, however he is taking care of business in Costa Rica. I know, its a difficult business trip. I took advantage of the fact that he was going to Costa Rica to buy a ticket to Portland. Jameson has been enjoying his Oma and Opa. It is going to be a quick visit, but I am glad I made it back to the NW, because I don't know when we may be back. Jameson and I went to lunch with my friend Katie today, and then we had family friends over this evening for dinner. There is something about being home that makes me exhausted, although traveling could have worn me out as well.

I must have bad travel karma at the moment, because seriously, it was ridiculous. We changed gates 3 times before we even boarded the plane! I was so relieved when we boarded because it was getting closer to Jameson's nap time. I figured I would nurse, he would fall asleep and stay asleep the whole plane ride. Ha ha. We boarded the plane, got comfortable and settled and then I noticed everyone getting OFF the plane. Apparently, they were de-boarding the plane, however, I still don't know why. Anyway, we go to another gate where our new plane is eventually going to arrive, but its being serviced. (Not a good feeling: waiting for your plane to be serviced). While we were waiting Jameson was getting fussier and fussier, he was hungry, he was tired and he just wanted to sleep. I finally relented and fed him while we were waiting for the plane to show up. He must have been hungry, because normally he isn't a good nurser when there are too many distractions around him, and he definitely nursed well. The airplane showed up (finally) and we sat down, the window seat, next to two men, neither of whom were thrilled to be sitting next to me and the baby. Like I imagined, he fell asleep immediately after take-off, and stayed asleep until the pilot came LOUDLY over the speaker to give us our air time, etc. I never realized how loud those speakers were until it woke up Jameson. I started covering up his ears with his blanket so it would muffle any noise. Unfortunately, he woke up and still was exhausted. When he is exhausted he gets wiggly, and squirmy. He definitely doesn't like staying in my arms now that he is mobile. The guy sitting next to me was in a forest ranger uniform, and Jameson was obsessed with it. He kept wanting to touch it, and reach for it, so he would arch his back, stretch out his arms reaching for the patch that was on his sleeve. He never sat still, he was moving and talking, kicking and reaching. I was having trouble holding him. Finally, Forest Ranger looked at me and said, "He's all boy, isn't he?" Why yes he is. Finally, he fell asleep with 45 minutes left on the 2 and half hour flight. It was a tiring flight and probably foreshadowing our very long flight to Europe coming up in two weeks. Needless to say, I was thrilled to arrive in PDX and hand over my extra bags to my momma. Hopefully my flight back will be better.


Joleen said...

I didn't know you were in Portland!
I'm sorry to hear you had such a difficult flight. Sounds like it was crazy with all the changing going on. Hopefully your trip to Vienna will be a lot better.

Alison said...

All boy, that's a crack up! Men say the smartest things don't they? Have fun in Portland, say hi to the family - wish I were there!

Sarah said...

I am sorry your plane trip was such a headache. The story about Jameson on the plane cracked me up, but in a sympathetic way. :)

If you have already returned home, hope your trip back was better!