Tuesday, August 26, 2008

U-bahn Rider

Jameson had his first trip on the U-bahn. From what I could tell he thought it was great, flirting with the ladies, enjoying the commotion, and lounging in his stroller. It makes me laugh every time he is in it, he leans back and to one side and props his feet up on the bar. He loves his stroller, unfortunately he doesn't sleep in it, because everything is much too interesting. We went to Martin's for dinner and sat out on the patio. I love the patio this time of year, the evening is pleasant and its full of other people, and it reminds me of how much I miss our "old neighborhood." Maybe soon we can buy a flat over there. Jameson was pretty beat, and we pushed him to his limits which I always feel bad about doing. He did sleep well last night though, only woke up once to eat which I totally understand. When I am jet-laggin' I get hungry around 3 am too.

Checking everything out.

Here we go...

He looks a little dazed, eh?

On top of all that excitement, we put his crib together! We all slept much better with him in his crib. The bumper pad kinda sucks, so I may be running to the store to pick up a better one, but other than that he seems to like it. Yea for IKEA! It does the job. As I type he has been down for his nap for over an hour! I am just working on the orientation packet for our students that are arriving in trickling in over the next few days!

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Alison said...

The boys are stylin' I didn't know H & M had baby clothes...I'm jealous on all counts - although my budget doesn't allow for H&M so maybe it's good they don't have one in Japan :)