Monday, August 25, 2008

Viva Vienna

OK folks, we have arrived here in Vienna. After a flurry of packing and cleaning, we left Denver and essentially re-located to Vienna for the better part of the next 8 months. Jameson was a trooper. He slept about 4.5 hours on the first flight, never let out a cry. Had a fine time on our three-hour London stopover, even though it was misery for Kevin and me. He slept on our flight to Vienna and only had a mini-breakdown on our way home from the airport. He was hungry, and tired and couldn't figure out what the heck we were doing.

Jameo and Kevin on the airplane, doesn't Kev look thrilled?

We got home and I nursed him and he got a huge burst of energy. I think he was so happy to not be in a plane anymore. He was crawling all around the bed. I didn't want him on the floor because it hadn't been vacuumed yet. He was squealing and shrieking excitedly while trying to crawl and roll all around. He will have to get acquainted with the hardwood floors throughout the apartment. No more throwing himself forward and face-planting to get where he wants to go. That will be a sad day the first time he conks his head on the floor. He did not sleep well last night between us. He woke up three or four times quite upset. I finally got him down around 2 or 3 am (not quite sure of the time) and he slept straight through until 10am. Needless to say, Kevin is getting a crib today at IKEA. Whoo-hoo. He took a nap, and noww are going out into the beautiful weather to help his little body adjust.

Adjusting to his new digs, yeah, he is in a carrier on the sofa, its because he rolls and climbs and lunges. I don't want him to bonk his head. However, he appears to like his new Austrian Keks (biscuit)


Jennifer said...

Glad you made it safely! Good luck getting settled and adjusted!

Michele said...

Yay- Vienna!
I'm glad you all made it through safe and sound. Now time to show off Jameson to all the Wien volk.

Alison said...

Glad you guys got there ok - Jameo might be a better traveler then I am :) Missing you - love you!

Aimee said...

Yep, we are here and s-l-o-w-l-y adjusting. He only woke up once last night.

As for the Wien Volk...Rainer thought he was great, and random old ladies smiled at me, so Michele, its not entirely true that they love dogs more than babies. ;-)