Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rolling Over, Birthday, Bald dogs and BBQ's

For about a month now Jameson has been rolling over, although he has only recently realized it it a mode of transportation. He rolls all over the place. He starts out on his baby gym and is quickly halfway across the room before I catch him. His biggest incentive for rolling is to get to the dogs. He is absolutely in love with the dogs, but most especially Leopold. The dogs are great with him, they treat him like their little puppy. Although he will soon weigh more than they do. As soon as I turn my head Jameson is rolling his way towards them, and they are quick to oblige him by getting in his face and smothering him with kisses. Jameson thinks this is hilarious and laughs hysterically, but I am always mortified. No matter how much they get in trouble they still go to kiss him every time I turn my head, and these are serious open-mouth kisses. (See pic below)

Thinking about rolling

All this rolling makes little boys tired

Jameson happily receiving a kiss from Leopold

We also celebrated Kevin's 34th birthday (July 31st). I decided to make his favorite cake, which is german chocolate cake, from scratch. Normally, I like baking, and this didn't seem to be a gigantic undertaking. I figured I would make it while Jameson took his early afternoon nap, and we would enjoy it after our dinner. Ha ha ha. Luckily, Momma Archer came over to help us celebrate, because I ended up passing Jameo off to her for most of the day while I attempted to make this cake. This was the never ending cake. I hadn't made it before, so, of course, it always takes longer, but seriously, this was ridiculous. I began making it around 11:30 am, and while I did pause quite often to do one thing or another, we didn't end up eating it until 10pm! There was step after step after step. When I finally got to making the frosting, it was supposed to "harden" at room temperature. It was most definitely not hardening, and I was getting very frustrated. Kevin, finally suggested I put it in the fridge (duh!) and voila! It became frosting. I must admit though, this cake was to die for. I am glad I gave most of it away, or else we would have packed on the pounds we so diligently just lost. Happy 34th birthday, baby! Here is to 34+ more years of life. You are the love of my life and I don't know where I would be without you in it.

THE cake

Kevin posing with THE cake, he wasn't quite sure if it was tasty, I think he was a little nervous!

I got him a new set of knives, something he has been talking about, hope they are good!

For the past couple years our darling dogs have had this odd problem. They will lose their hair in spades, way more than average shedding. They have done rounds of antibiotics, and it seemingly goes away, they get beautiful new coats of fur and then suddenly its back. We took them to their new vet, and he suggested a change in their diet and adding some fish oil. He thought that it probably was not a bacteria, virus or fungus, but that it was probably some environmental factors, i.e. the dry weather, their food, possible allergies, or stress. I have decided our dogs are stressed out, and personally, I don't blame them. Kevin and I are gone almost 6 months out of the year and they get ferreted out to whomever will take them. Last year, they got to stay with my parents, and they loved that, especially after I got back to Oregon, then I went and had a baby and added a new member to the pack. After that, we came back to Colorado, and have had a few different dog-sitters in while we have traveled. Poor babies. Anyone want a caggle of cavaliers? They are only for lease though. Anyway, after the vet we went to the groomer to get them all shaved short. I was sick of finding massive furballs skittering across the hardwood every morning. Our house is on the market, and the last thing we need is serious dog hair everywhere. They look pretty funny, especially since the groomer left their ears and tails long.

Lexi's new 'do

Lulu's cut

and the saddest cut of all (because he had great fur): Leopold

Our stressed out doggies

Last weekend we went up to the mountains again. During the summer we really enjoy hanging out with Scott, Erika and fam. Momma Archer drove up from Oklahoma to visit her dad and grandbabies. We decided to do a BBQ in honor of Kevin's birthday, although it wasn't stated as such until afterwards. I was so happy to have us all in one place to get a picture of Grandpa and kids. It was such a fun day. The boys bbq'd burgers and hot dogs. We had watermelon, corn on the cob, noodle salad, and brownies. I am so glad Grandpa decided to join us up the mountain! It was so nice to be able to relax and enjoy everyone's company. I hope we can manage to do it again before we leave for Vienna!

Grandpa likes Jameson's hair, even if it isn't a mohawk anymore! :(

The family picture. We only wish Dad could have been there!


Jennifer said...

Wow, Jameson is on the move! He's so cute!

Alison said...

Ahhh my boy is so mobile! I cracked up about the cake - the dogs look like puppies - I had flashbacks to Lulu running all over my apartment in SD!