Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog motivation

Getting my blog mojo back after our difficult week has been very hard. Much of the time my brain is still a muddle, so coming up with some creative blog topics is apparently outside my realm at the moment. Also, since I don't sit down with the computer (for any length of time) until after Jameson goes to bed, I find I am so tired! Jameson on the other hand has been crazy for the past two days. I believe he has some serious joie de vivre. It is slightly exhausting, but I am thankful for it. Maybe, its just me, but I have been trying to convince him he needs a nap. He still seems wiped out and whenever he is in my arms he gives me signs that he IS tired. We are all sorts of exhausted, Kevin fell asleep watching the Office tonight at 8:00 pm! This post is quickly becoming one in which I talk about how tired we are all, which does seem to be the case.

Kevin leaves for Vienna on Monday, which is coming up so fast. He isn't looking forward to being gone for three weeks, and we aren't looking forward to him being away. While he is away, my mom is coming out to help celebrate a couple of big birthdays for us, my 3-0 and she's about 30 years ahead of me. I am very excited for that, it will be nice to have her around, and Jameson will love having someone to constantly play cars with him. We are already planning some fun things.

I am looking forward to the Christmas season, making some new traditions with Jameson and breaking out some of the old ones. (Cinnamon Ornaments?) This year he is so much more aware of the little things, that I can't wait to see what he takes away from this Christmas!

After this very pathetic blog post I will attempt to come up with some more interesting topics for future posts!

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