Monday, November 1, 2010


November is the National Blog Posting Month. It was enjoyable last year, and I figured it would be a good time to revive the old blog. So, here it goes.

Our pic taken at the end of the night.

Yesterday was Halloween. It was Jameson's first time dressing up and trick-or-treating. My requirement was that he could say "Trick or Treat" and not be too shy to walk up to the doors. He had so much fun. He went as a cowboy with three friends. I was surprised how long he lasted (about 2 hours!) and he walked the whole neighborhood. He was so polite saying "Thank you" and "Happy Halloween" at each and every house. Made me very proud to be the mother of such a polite boy. The moms (and one dad) laughed the whole way. The weather was pretty perfect, and Kevin said it was the nicest Halloween he had ever seen. Normally, its snowing or freezing and the kids are bundled up in parkas being driven from house to house.

Cowboy Jameson ready to go.

The Awesome Foursome.

Teeny little munchkins not even as tall as the door handle.


Jennifer said...

Yeah!! So great to hear from you. Can't wait for more!!

Amber said...

Yay Amy! I'm so glad you're doing NaPoBloMo! By the way, I am still in Denver...we should connect! So good to hear from you!

Alison said...

Ahhh I missed you blogging...makes me feel like I should blog...