Friday, November 5, 2010

Gettin' Older

One thing is certain, Jameson has grown up so much since the beginning of summer. He went from being a toddler to a "big boy." I look, but I really don't see baby in him. It has definitely been bittersweet, but I love the little man he is becoming. Kevin and I often talk about how "it was just yesterday that he was born, right?" Below are two pictures, one taken at the beginning of summer and one taken at Halloween (duh). I see those pictures and I am stunned at how much older he looks, but maybe that's just me! Maybe its that I have an accompaniment of his chatter on a daily basis or I watch him take the milk carton out of the fridge and attempt to pour it himself to prove to me how old he is getting.

**His language exploded this summer, as I knew it would. He went from not saying much at all, to saying sentences in a matter of days.

**He seems to grow like a weed. Apparently sunlight and fresh air is good for growing children.

**He made friends in the neighborhood and likes to play with them everyday.

**He got really good at riding his trike and scooter.

**He is SO polite, saying "please" "thank you" and "your welcome" all the time.

**His feet grew 3 sizes this summer! Yes, his summer sandals were a size 8 and now he is closer to an 11. Yes, my child has HUGE feet, he gets that from me.

**Pants are way too short but don't stay up around the waist. What's a mom to do? Make her son wear high-waters or a cinched waist? I vote the cinched waist, but they still end up riding low, even with a belt.

**While his feet grew he only gained 2 lbs so he weighs barely 30 lbs. He burns off all his energy playing.

**As I have mentioned he loves matchbox cars and plays "pretend" with them all the time.

**He is a crazy monkey, climbing, hanging and swinging from everything:

**He is still my snuggle bug and tells me "I love you SOOO much!" on a regular basis.

**He still loves to watch the garbage man collect the trashcan.

**He points out every bus, school bus, mail truck, box truck (UPS) and any truck when we are out on the road.

**He does not take naps and hasn't since April, but he goes to sleep promptly at 7:00 pm, often a few minutes before.

**As of a couple weeks ago he is fully potty-trained. We still use "trainers" at night because he is a heavy wetter.

**He carries at least two of our old cell phones with him, and is constantly saying :"Phone ringing!" then he has a great conversation with whomever is on the other line.

**Apparently has a green thumb:

**He says the funniest things right before he falls asleep. My niece, Elia said I should start writing them down, but I haven't yet. One that sticks out to me was when he said "Brocc-O-lee and Cah-wots." He loves his veggies, and I guess they made an appearance in his dream.

**He is very caring. He scratches me back and gives me a hug if I hurt myself (like stub my toe) and asks if I want a bad-aid (band-aid) and peas (which is what we use as an ice pack).

**He loves helping Kevin or me cook.

**He eats peanut butter out of the jar. He LOVES peanut butter. He asks for "Pea-buh and 'poon" (peanut butter and a spoon)for breakfast everyday.

**He loves to laugh and I think he will have a belly-laugh like Kevin.

**He loves his doggies. He is very responsible and whenever he goes out in the backyard he wants to scoop poop. We call him the "poop patrol" because he is very thorough!!

Such concentration

**As I have mentioned he wakes up saying, "Sunny Day, Sunny Day" in a sing-songy voice over and over again. If I am not eager to get up he gets right in my face and says: "Momma, its a SUNNY DAY!" Who could resist a wake-up call like that?

**We love our son so very much, he is such a joy to be around. I can't say that I have seen a lot of "2-year-old" moments from him. If he is having one we tell him to take a "Deep Breath." Which he does very well. The other day I was frustrated and talking loudly, and Jameson looked at me and said "Mommy, deep breath!"

I could go on and on about him, but I have 24 more days of blogging, so I suppose I can spread out the bragging!


Alison said...

brag away about your very cool little boy :) PS I googled about the pants (go figure) and the consensus is Lands End...they have a slim section and the climber pants are the favorite apparently because they have an adjustable waist :)

Joleen said...

SO cute!! Any new videos? ;-)