Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I know these aren't the best photos, since I took them at night with my phone, but I am so excited about our new dresser and bedside tables!! We have literally been living out of suitcases since the end of July when I donated our bedroom furniture that Kevin's Aunt and Uncle had passed onto us. What is even better is that we got to use all those points that had been accumulating on our credit card over the years to "buy" giftcards. This picture doesn't do the dresser justice, but it is beautiful and well-made and already brimming full of clothes! We still need some sort of mirror to go above the dresser and I am excited to find one I love! For now, I am just SO happy that our room is put back together and Kevin won't be asking me every morning where his socks or his jeans are hiding. The dresser is actually bigger than it looks in this picture, its a nice wide dresser, the only thing is that the drawers aren't quite deep enough for my liking, but I will make do!

As for the bedside tables! I have been waiting for bedside tables pretty much since we got married! I have had substitutes, my latest substitute was a TV tray that held my books, waterbottle, phone, remote controls, but it was really wobbly! I am so thrilled to have a drawer I can put things in, like a journal, pens, etc. Below the drawer I have a shelf where I can stack even more books!! Anyone who knows me knows I love books. At this moment, I have four sitting on the table, now I need to pick some back-up books to go on the shelf! Kevin also loves to read before bed, so he usually has a stack of books on his side too, and I think he was just as excited about the bedside tables as I was! We also rearranged the room, so we'll see how we end up liking it, but I think it was time for change!


Alison said...

yea! glad you finally got them :) and no more oh so lovely bed set...did you put the bed by the door? trying to envision...need to come visit so I can see!

Patti said...

How fun!! Our room was the last room of our house that we decorated too...we just finally got a dresser like 3 years ago but that was after 4 years of marriage. Before we had clothes in a guest room dresser and in laundry baskets pretty much. Same with nightstands, we had makeshift bar stools from Ikea that worked. :) We finally got our own dresser and nightstands from Ikea and are happy we did.