Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What happened to my blog?

There are many reasons I stopped blogging regularly. For me, I didn't find it a satisfying way of spending my "me-time." I felt like I was neglecting things I should do or wanted to be doing. It wasn't blogging on its own, it was my computer time in general. I love reading blogs, checking email, and then I would get lost looking up some interesting factoid and then 2 or 3 hours later I would wonder when the time had disappeared. Around the same time Jameson became much more interested in it. If the computer was out, he wanted to play with it, so I made a rule for myself that I wouldn't get out the computer when he was awake. Its a good rule and I like it, but I have gotten more lax about it lately. I found that the computer was taking precious time from my family. Both Kevin and I are computer geeks, and feel it is perfectly acceptable to have the laptop glued to our laps all evening, while watching TV. Instead of talking in the evenings, he would be working and I would be hanging out on the computer.

I decided I wanted to experience life not just write about it, hence my break from the computer began. I wanted to read more books, watch less TV, sew more, paint, and de-clutter my full house. I am not an organized person by nature, so I am learning things that are helping me to become one, and I have learned we all need less stuff! I have succeeded in some of these areas, especially during the summer, but lately I have been on the computer much more than I have wanted to be, been reading less, and not getting things accomplished that leave me feeling satisfied at the end of the day. I want to be the mom that plays with her kid. If its a sunny day, I want to take my son outside for a walk. To Jameson, everyday is a sunny day, as this is how he wakes us up each morning "Sunny day, sunny day!" Recently its evolved, to "Its a beautiful, sunny day!" I want to take that enthusiasm for life and live it.

Jameson looking oh-so-contemplative

When Jameson is playing cars, I want to play with him, or be close enough that I can hear his wonderful world of imagination. Each of his cars is a person in his life. There is the Momma car (I am a purple sports car) the Daddy car (a blue range rover), Nana and Poppa (Nana being a yellow car with a black stripe and Poppa being a neon jeep), Omi and Papa (Omi is a Red race car and Papa is any van that is in his collection). He has his Uncles and Aunties, and his friends, each of whom have a car. He plays with his cars like I played with my dolls when I was little. They have conversations, sing songs, play together, and occasionally "crash" and get hurt. It is the highlight of my day to catch him mid-imaginary play. I have to stand back and just listen or it breaks his daydreams.

So, while I was absent from the blogging world, I was very present in my life. I got a lot stuff done, but I still have a lot more to do. I am hoping that this month I can figure out the balance between keeping my friends and family informed of our lives via the blog, but also feel like I am getting "me-time" and the tasks done that I need to get done.


Patti said...

Balance is such a hard thing to achieve with technology in general. I strive to find a good balance with "me" time and how I spend that via blogging, reading, etc. I am able to blog at work so that's kinda like cheating. We'll see how it goes once I quit my job. ;) Looking forward to reading your posts this month; I like hearing about your life!!

Alison said...

You are an awesome wife, mommy, and lucky for me...best friend - I'm thankful for the balance you bring to my life!! MUAH!

Joleen said...

Oh my gosh, I loved this post! I can relate more than I'd care to admit. I have to pry myself away from this stupid, yet brilliantly fantastic machine. I'm such a tech addict! I'm glad to see you're back, because I love reading about your life. At the same time though I'm so happy for you that you've been able to accomplish so much over the summer. <3