Monday, November 15, 2010

Broncos game

Weeks ago Kevin and I had made plans to go to the Broncos vs. Chiefs game because we share a season pass with a friend. After this long week we weren't sure we still wanted to go. I had come down with a raging cold I caught from Jameson, basically it was the croup cold that doesn't become croup in adults. We have been catching up on sleep and processing all that we had been through, and we just weren't sure it was a great idea. Saturday I had begun to feel better, and since we had both been looking forward to the game we decided to go.

Jameson went to our friend's house across the street. Their daughter is 5-years-old and loves Jameson because he does exactly what she wants, most of the time. He loves her because she is older, she has the same chill personality, oh and she is SO cute! Kevin and I rode the light rail into downtown, then went on the "sports walk" to the stadium with a multitude of other Broncos fans.

It was a great football game, the Broncos really showed up and played! I am not a huge football fan and even I could follow the action! It was a beautiful day to watch football, crisp and sunny. We indulged in bratwursts, gluten-free beer (Kevin), hot chocolate and a giant pretzel (for me!) It was nice to be out together, not thinking about our crazy week.

By the time we got home at 6:00, Jameson was wiped out from playing so hard and he went straight to bed. Unfortunately, I didn't get one picture of us at the football game! You will just have to trust me on how much fun we had!

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