Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I love my husband!!!

Today my awesome husband surprised me with this beautiful machine pictured below. I have been pining (and possibly whining) for one since they re-introduced the 13". Beautiful. Some of you may remember my computer completely failed last spring. Luckily it was the power connector and not the hard-drive so we were able to save all the information. My so very tech-saavy brother-in-law popped my hard-drive in a new compute and voila a new old computer. I still pined and pined. Apparently my message was heard loud and clear and that is one of the mizillion reasons I love my husband. Thanks babe!!! I love you!!

Vienna countdown: 4 days!

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Momma K said...

WOW, that's such a great gift for you!You will be able to send Omi and Opa even more pictures ans emails from Wien, thanks Kevin! But does he know that getting ready for your Sunday flight just got harder? Love you all, Momma K