Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is what I have been doing all week. I have been washing, drying, folding, collecting and putting items in our guest room. Tonight I wanted to get it all packed, and my son decided tonight was the night it was going to take him two hours to go to bed. How do they always know when you are anxious for them to fall asleep? So long Grey's. So long Private Practice, luckily I have you DVR'd. With a few article exceptions that are a) still drying b) still in the wash pile or c) still in the undecided pile, this is what the three of us will be wearing for the next two and half months. What you cannot see in this picture are the two turkey roasting pans we are bringing over, the four bags of stuffing and two large cans of pumpkin, but those items are in the room too. Also you cannot see our carry-on pile, but know that it is large and growing. With anticipation of what may or may not entertain a 20-month-old I am packing all sorts of goodies. Now I have to keep the dogs out of the room or they will begin to freak out (more than usual). Don't you wish you could be here to help out? Lucky me. Back to packing. Vienna Countdown: 3 Days....with two incredibly busy days tomorrow and Saturday. Wish us luck!


Alison said...

I just had a flashback to you packing the first time to go...YOU CAN'T TAKE ALL THAT!! I think it was our 2nd time we had ever yelled at each other (and maybe the last?) Good luck, I don't envy the packing part!

Amber said...

Wow. I despise packing beyond just about anything. And it has only gotten worse now that I have to pack for someone else. The idea of having to pack for that long of a trip, so far away, kind of makes me want to cry. Good Luck!

Aimee said...

Al-Yes, I think of that EVERY single time I pack for Vienna, it echoes in my head. :-) Its one of the many reasons I love you.

Amber-Believe it or not, packing for longer is probably easier, if you keep things in perspective. Just pack for about a week and half. So yes, there is a lot of re-using of clothing, but oh well we are pretty used it now!