Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So dark so early

Last night as I was putting our dinner on the table I noticed how completely dark it was outside. I noticed this because the moon was so full and so pretty...and so far up in the sky and I thought to myself how the heck did we get to November so fast? It feels like yesterday that I was putting Jameson down and it was light as day. The early nights make me really tired in the evening.

In three weeks we leave for Vienna, and I am really excited, but at the same time it marks the passing of another Thanksgiving, another year and I definitely don't feel that I am another year older. Once we are in Vienna it seems the rest of the year speeds by us. Jameson and I will be there until the end of April with a "vacation" back to the states for the month of February. This year we are going to Costa Rica for two weeks for our friend's wedding festivities. This will be both, Jameson's and my first trip down to Latin America (beyond the Mexican border towns). I am thrilled, and I think it will be so much fun. Yippee for more passport stamps (it will be Jameson's 13th or is it 14th country?)

Recently we got to spend some time with family up in the mountains. Jameson's Nana and Poppa Archer were in town and it had been too long since we had seen everybody. Here are some cute pics.

Jameson and Edie got to spend some special time with their Nana and Poppa

None of them were too excited for a group shot and Soren (baby) was asleep which made it more difficult.

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