Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jet-lag is a cruel and unusual punishment for a 20-month-old.

Yes, truly a cruel and unusual punishment. Kevin and I went to bed at midnight fully expecting a wide awake boy at around 3:00 am. Sure enough, 2:30 we hear him walking around the foyer trying to find us. I brought him out to the family room, and he was absolutely thrilled to be awake. He immediately began playing with his "new" toys. It took me a good fifteen minutes to even wake-up, but 2:30 am is a little early for me to begin drinking coffee. Then he wanted me to read some books, in German no less. Ummm, he scratched that idea when I yawned through the first page.

Luckily, he entertained himself quite well. Then I turned on the slingbox (connected to our Denver tv through the internet) so he could watch a tv show "On Demand." After that he still wasn't tired, so I asked him if he was hungry (a common reason I wake up when I am jet-lagged. He said yes, so I got him some cheese crackers. At 4:15 when he was tired, but awake I moved us to his bedroom where I turned on his portable DVD with the "Little Einsteins." He watched a couple episodes while I fell asleep. After his episodes were over he woke me up and passed me his DVD. It must have been 5:00am, but I didn't check the time.

At around 7:00am he tried to wake up. TRIED is the word. He absolutely could not open his eyes. I was watching him, he literally could not peel his eyes open and it was frustrating to him. Apparently, the two of us ended up sleeping until nearly 11:00am when Kevin came in to wake us up.

We got some grocery shopping done, and then I brought Jameson back to the house to see if he would take a late nap. No way. He was so hyper he was running around the apartment jumping up and down (sorry people below us) and squealing. I had one more shopping run to make so I brought him along to get him outside. He ran up our hill, so happy to be outside. In the store he was running circles around me while I held his hand. People were look at me with pity because of my crazy kid. Ha ha.

When we got home I put the groceries away and brought him down to the garden behind our apartment house. He explored the garden, picking up leaves and throwing them, checking out every bush, and every tree. Then he decided he wanted to run races from wall to wall. Fine by me. When he came in, he was much more sane. He ate dinner, took a bath and proceeded to crash quicker than I could believe. Here's to hoping that he sleeps through the night.

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